Michael Rahbek & Michael Pedersen

Microservices: The 3 Layer architecture is dead. Why is it dead and what to do?



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Microservices: The 3 Layer architecture is dead. Why is it dead and what to do?

At this webinar, we have invited Lead Developer, Michael Rahbek, and Business Consultant, Michael Pedersen, from Bankdata to share their experiences from moving Bankdata towards microservices.

Bankdata is one of the largest financial IT development houses in Denmark. Bankdata provides complete IT solutions for the financial sector including the development of mobile banking, credit, and advisory tools, support, and security.


Michael Rahbek (Lead developer) and Michael Pedersen (Business consultant) will share their experiences on Bankdata’s journey from a server environment towards microservices.


Here is an overview of the topics that they will cover in this webinar:


The brilliance in architecture.
Batch – 3 Layer – Model-View-Controller


Microservices compared to Components
Kubernetes. Why a new architecture? Request for new skills.


API-First. What are the benefits?


Ports & Adapters or “Hexagonal Architecture”
What is it and why is it better. How does it work with API-first?


Bankdata’s approach and findings. What to avoid, what to expect?
Pros and Cons with Hexagon, API-first, Curity, Apigee, Authorization, etc.


And there will of course be some time for Q&A.

What You’ll Learn

In this inspirational talk, you learn how Bankdata tackled both technical and organizational challenges in their journey towards operating with microservices, and why it is important to remember both dimensions in the transition away from a server environment.

Target Audience

This talk includes a lot of tech stuff but also some non-tech stuff relevant for non-coding developer profiles (e.g business consultants).

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Registration closes: 21.10.2020


This is a closed webinar for employees from Destination AARhus member companies and students at Aarhus University.


There are 250 seats, which will be distributed by a first-comes-first principle.



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