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The Journey Behind Building a Tech Startup

The Journey Behind Building a Tech Startup

29. April · 17:30 - 20:00 By:

April 29, 17:30 - 20:00

Sankt Knuds Torv 9, 2. sal, Aarhus C

Get ready when Nanna Munkholm and Mathias Grønne go on stage to talk about the creation of startups and how to build your tech along the way! Nanna Munkholm is the founder and CTO of Roccai, and Mathias Grønne is their Head of AI. Roccai rethinks online decision-making by combining visual trends from social media with AI to introduce an interactive recommendation engine for eCommerce. Nanna Munkholm will talk about how she and her co-founders built the company and developed the tech — a startup journey filled with many pitfalls for a technical founder. Mathias joined Roccai after the prototype had been tested on customers, and it was time to take Roccai's technology and AI to the next level. He will talk about building AI for startups, why it is essential to implement it in steps rather than in one go, and how this has been achieved in Roccai.

17:30 - Doors open
18:00 - Nanna & Mathias: The Journey Behind Building a Tech Startup
18:45 - Q&A
19:15 - Networking and interactive discussion over food and drinks
20:00 - Thank you for today!



The speakers for this event will be Nanna Munkholm and Mathias Grønne. Nanna is a tech entrepreneur that specializes in building user friendly software optimized with Machine Learning. She is the founder and CTO of Roccai. Nanna believes that "It’s never too late to start your tech career. If you have a passion for creating and building things, I encourage you to explore the many possibilities that tech has to offer". Mathias is passionate about machine learning and works with all aspects of it - from data to final models in production. He is the head of AI at Roccai. Mathias has a focus on Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in a pragmatic and research orientated setting. His goal is to bridge research and industry by having the insight and creativity to invent new methods and the courage to implement them.