Nicholai Stålung

How to Machine Learn – A guide to building and apply Machine Learning in any scenario



3rd floor, room M3.7
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07:30 Doors open
08:00 Workshop starts
12:00 Lunch
16:00 Workshop ends

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How to Machine Learn

– A guide to building and apply Machine Learning in any scenario

This is a 1-day workshop for employees with basic understanding and general or direct interest in Machine learning. The workshop focus on the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning; how to deal with structured and unstructured data; how to implement pre-trained models; how to build ML systems with a data pipeline; and finally, how to conduct Data Science projects with agility in mind.

In this 1-day workshop we will cover the application of supervised and unsupervised learning for both structured and unstructured data. We will use open source tools such as Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow and Keras to analyze industrial data, text and images while building a robust data pipeline


We will cover details and implementation of Inference products such as commercial API’s and pre-trained open source models, which are ready to implement in applications, and will later touch upon manual and  automated  hyper-parameter optimization, Transfer Learning, custom modeling and step-by-step approach to a successful Data Science project.

Target audience

You should follow this workshop if you have basic understanding and general or direct interest in Machine learning. Requirements are that you are familiar with Python and descriptive statistics (Mean, standard deviation etc).

Workshop Outcome

Participants can expect to learn

  • Difference between supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Dealing with structured and unstructured data
  • Implementing pre-trained models
  • Building ML systems with a data pipeline
  • Conducting Data Science projects with agility in mind

Speaker Bio

Nicholai Stålung has a background in econometrics, mathematical modelling and financial technology. He currently work as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Consultant at Trifork Copenhagen.

Nicholai Stålung

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