Company Spotlight

We put a spotlight on our member companies’ opportunities and challenges in a series of interviews with Executives. Get exclusive insights and knowledge about Greater Aarhus’ leading companies – directly from the source.

Company Spotlight: Kamstrup

With its strong international focus, operating in 20+ countries and having distributors in 60+ countries, Kamstrup is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for smart energy and water metering. Kamstrup has more than 1,500 employees, whereof 25% are working within IT and Engineering, creating innovative product ranges of hardware, software, and services. In the pursuit of a brighter energy future, the company is continuously looking for IT and tech talents. This interview with Michael Stubbe, Vice President Human Resources at Kamstrup, will put a spotlight on the current opportunities and challenges of the company. 


Michael Stubbe

Company Spotlight: Jyske Bank

Since Jyske Bank was founded following the merger of four banks in Central Jutland in 1967, the bank grew significantly. Today, Jyske Bank employs more than 3.300 employees of which 450 are highly dedicated developers driving the digitalization of the bank forward. By introducing an agile organization within business/IT development at the end of 2020, Jyske Bank managed to put the digital customer experience to the next level. This interview with Jeppe Buk, Cluster Lead for Digital Bank and Market Development will put a spotlight on the current opportunities and challenges in Jyske Bank.

Jeppe Buk

Company Spotlight: Danske Bank

Danske Bank helps customers and clients be financially confident and achieve their ambitions by making daily banking and important financial decisions easy. Danske Bank is a strong Nordic bank with a presence in 13 countries. Digitalisation is at the heart of Danske Bank’s strategy, and the bank is continuously making significant investments in IT, making it one of the largest IT employers in Denmark. This interview with the CIO of Digital Banking IT and Analytics, Martin Stampe, will put a spotlight on the current opportunities and challenges in Danske Bank.

Martin Stampe 2

Company Spotlight: BESTSELLER

Founded in 1975, BESTSELLER is one of Denmark’s largest fashion companies, representing 20 brands, which sell products that are available online and in stores across Europe, The Middle East, North America, Latin America, Australia, and India. BESTSELLER is in the midst of a vast digitalisation process, strengthening the role IT plays in the company. This interview with Head of Retail and Enablement Dann Bleeker Pedersen will put a spotlight on BESTSELLER’s current challenges and opportunities.

Dann Bleeker Pedersen

Company Spotlight: The LEGO Group

Based in Billund, Denmark, one of the world’s leading play brands looks into the near future, continuously impacted by a changing business landscape. The LEGO Group is facing digital disruption, pushing them towards an extensive digital transformation. With a passion for building, innovating, and creating, the LEGO Group sees both challenges and opportunities within the upcoming transformation. This interview with CIO and Senior Vice President, Henrik Amsinck, will put a spotlight on the LEGO Group’s current challenges and opportunities

Bestyrelsesmedlem Henrik Amsinck, DSB.

Company Spotlight: Systematic

‘Better train people and risk they leave, than do nothing and they stay’. The motto of the software company, Systematic speaks for itself – employee development constitutes the backbone of the company. Under the five core business areas Digitalization, Healthcare, Defense, Intelligence & National Security, and Library & Learning, Systematic pushes the limits for applied IT. This interview with President and CEO, Michael Holm, will put a spotlight on Systematics’ current challenges and opportunities.

2018.08.14 Michael Holm Systematic
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Company Spotlight: Salling Group

With more than 100 years of history, Salling Group A/S is not exactly the new kid on the block. However, the company has spent each of those years innovating, developing, and staying relevant. All evident in their digitalization where they have a leading position in online commerce. This interview with Head of Digital, Claus Hovge Andersen, will put a spotlight on Salling Group’s current challenges and opportunities.


Company Spotlight: Delegate

The IT consultancy, Delegate, is specializing in solutions built on Microsoft’s platforms. Delegate delivers solutions within Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, CRM, Intranet, Digitized Workplaces, and Data-Driven Products & Services. Since the foundation in 2007, the dream was to create an IT consultancy with room for creativity and personal development. Today, Delegate has more than 120 talented employees, three national offices and clients all over Denmark. This interview with Director, Mads Højborg, puts a spotlight on Delegate’s current challenges and opportunities.

Mads Højborg_Delegate feb 2019 30_ny-kopi

Company Spotlight: Bankdata

One of the biggest IT companies within finance in Denmark, Bankdata, is in the midst of a continuous digitalization and innovation process. The company is keeping their 9 owners and costumer banks frontrunning with secure and reliable IT and innovative solutions, through cooperation, new technology and active knowledge seeking. This interview with Development Director, Claus Hjort Bjerre, will put a spotlight on Bankdata’s current challenges and opportunities.

Claus Hjort Bjerre