Salling Group – stores and so much more

With more than 53.000 employees and stores in four countries, it is possible to say, that Salling Group has grown to a large and international retail group. The organization’s story goes back to 1906, when the founder Ferdinand Salling opened his first draper’s shop in Aarhus.


Since then, the organization has grown to chains of supermarkets and department stores. The customers’ needs have always been the core for the development of the chains in Salling Group. The organization was the first to open a supermarket in Denmark in 1960, offering the consumers a whole new way to shop. Furthermore, the organization has introduced the first hypermarket and discount store in Denmark. Today, the discount chain Netto is successful in four countries in Europe with more than 800 stores outside of Denmark.

From supermarkets and department stores to digital commerce

Salling Group has the ambition to be the frontrunner in the field of e-commerce in Denmark. The organization’s purpose of making the everyday life easier for their customers is the core of the digital transformation and development. The organization creates simple personal shopping experiences online.


Further, Salling Group is trying to hold on to their leading position in online commerce. By expanding existing channels while looking for new areas to strengthen their e-commerce activities the digitalization is continuously developed.

Graduate Programme

Salling Group is looking for skilled and ambitious Graduates capable and willing to grow with the organization. Joining the organization means becoming a part of a company where the daily work will have a great impact. Moreover, Graduates make a genuine difference to the business.


The organization has designed the Graduate Programme as a fast track to a career. Further, the programme is designed for Graduates to develop skills within an international retail corporation. They have programmes within both IT and E-commerce & Digital.

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IT jobs in Salling Group

Are you looking for new opportunities? The organization offers a sea of opportunities and a short path to more responsibility. Moreover, the organization strive to give employees the best opportunities to develop professionally and personally in the job.


With an IT career at Salling Group, one will become part of a dynamic and progressive organization. Furthermore, it is an international organization focused on turning digital platforms into a key business. Moreover, it is an IT organization that is rapidly developing to meet the requirements of the retailer of tomorrow. With a Digital, an E-commerce, and further an IT department, there’s plenty of opportunities for an IT specialist to further develop a career.


Salling Group is looking for talented specialist to their IT business function in either their IT-, and E-commerce & Digital Department. Apply for a job now and help make the everyday easier for the costumes.