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Meet the Team

Meet Ayoub, Tech Lead
“In my everyday work, I am involved in developing software, making architectural decisions and creating project roadmaps together with the team. At Trifork, we work in these smaller teams and I prefer that! In small teams, I get to know the people I work with more personally. We do Friday Bars, we go out and actually, some of my colleagues and I have a dinner club where we invite each other to our homes for dinner. So, we’re quite close outside the workplace too. When there is a new project, I spend some time learning the technology, if it is new to me. And I always work with someone who is ‘Senior’ in that technology, so I get to learn even more. Right now, I’m working with two technologies. One of them is Apple TV, which I have never done before. And at the same time, I’m contributing to another project – working with Voice Assistants and Machine Learning to make a Smart Call Center. What motivates me at Trifork is the continuously changing projects and companies that we work with. For example, I’ve had a chance to work in different sectors, like Finance, Transportation, Insurance and now streaming services.”
Meet Iulia, Software Pilot
“As a Software Pilot at Trifork, we try out new technologies to see how they work, if we can use them, and if there is anything, we can learn from them. I currently work on a project related to Machine Learning. It involves a bunch of technologies that I had never worked on before I came to Trifork. I think one of the reasons why people love working at Trifork is that we can learn so many new skills. You are never forced to learn something new, but if you have an interest, they can make it happen.

Trifork also stands out because of their culture around the number 42. You are never supposed to be more than 42 in a unit, and I find that refreshing because it helps to keep the offices smaller. It’s much easier to get to know all your colleagues and collaborate.”

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