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Meet the Team

Meet Kirstine, Test Engineer
“I’m working both as a software tester, test manager and release manager. On my project, I’m working with library solutions used in schools and public libraries. I’m involved in test activities throughout our test- and release process. So, as a tester in Systematic, you are involved in all stages of the software development and importantly you are an integrated part of the software development team. You are a part of design and review, you give your input and considerations, talk to developers about what should be tested and how, and determining if you have the need for specific test data or test environment. I find it very inspiring working together with so many people of different educational backgrounds, as we do here in Systematic. I think we have different mindsets, competences and different focus-areas and bringing that together is a really good strength. When you are working as a software tester, you sometimes are few or the only tester in your project but here in Systematic, you have a knowledge network, where you can get together and help each other and share ideas from your local project. One of the things I really love is that every year, Santa visits Systematic. You can bring your family, and it’s really cozy and such a friendly atmosphere. My children actually thought that I worked with Santa, because every time they came to visit me, he was there”
Meet Simon, Machine Learning Specialist
“I’m currently involved in two projects with Applied Machine Learning. One of them is called DABAI – here we create a tool that helps the hospitals get an overview of how many patients they have in each ward and helps them communicate between the wards. We are also building predictive models on top of that, so they can estimate how many people will be in the specific ward. The other project is building recommendations for libraries. Here we use the history of the books borrowed by each individual, to suggest new books they might like. We have a lot of international employees, but also the background of everyone working here is quite diverse. We have several colleagues with domain expertise like experience from the military, nurses, and doctors apart from a lot of software developers, so if you’re working on, for instance, one of our health care products, then domain experts from the industry have a very special role in how we develop that product. The diversity and differences of other cultures are always fun to experience. Not that long ago a big part of our team actually flew to Rumania for a wedding because our Rumanian colleague was getting married. Our CEO and owner, Michael, his thoughts and personality are also very defining for how Systematic works and one of his key points is that he would rather educate people and risk them leaving, than not educating people and risk them staying. So, we have quite a lot of resources towards education, and most of this, you manage yourself, so again there is a high level of flexibility and trust.”
Meet Thomas, Systems Engineer
“I work in the healthcare domain as a full stack developer and have been working with security-related and data privacy features. Right now, I’m working on an important migration of our applications, making it more modern, robust and efficient for the Cloud Native world. We have our main headquarters in Aarhus, and we also have offices around the world. So, it is great to get to know different cultures and different perspectives because together we can grow, both as an individual but also as a company. In general, at a company level, we work with the SCRUM-process, so we have teams of about 8-10 people of developers, a tester, a product owner and a SCRUM-master. For development, we use the feature-driven development process. This gives a clear structure to follow, which makes it easy to approach software development in Systematic, but at the same time, we have a lot of freedom in our everyday work and how we plan and solve our tasks. During the year, we have different events organized by The Systematic Employees Club, like parties, Friday bars, sports events, etc. and several times they have surprised us with pop-up events and gimmicks. I remember last summer; we were at lunch when we heard music coming from an ice-cream truck. It was a very hot day, why some nice, cold ice-cream was a really good surprise.”

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