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Meet Anders Laursen, Lead Consulting Manager, SCR Freelance
“I am the Lead Consulting Manager at SCR Freelance and my team of recruiting consultants are the primary contacts for the consultants. We look for the right match in terms of their professional skills and their personality. Both are important for the success for the consultants at the business they will be part of. We take the same approach as traditional recruitment with interviews and references, just at a much higher pace as the request for consultants often are urgent. We all have a background in IT and/or HR, so we can ask the right questions and clarify and ensure it is a right match.”
Meet Niels Gärtner, Project and Programme Manager, SCR Freelance
“I have been a Freelance Consultant for many years and have worked closely with SCR Freelance and several of their customer relations. I am a Project and Programme Manager, and I have also had the position as an Interim IT-manager. Right now, I have been given the responsibility of a customer to ensure a stable and secure transition of some of the most business-critical systems, including SAP. It is a field I have extensive experience in and is a super match with the customers' need for attaching IT experts to a large and complex project.”

Meet Martin Rehder, Freelancer at SCR Freelance and Self-employed at Rehsco  
Martin Rehder is an international freelance IT professional from Germany, currently based in Aarhus. With a master's degree in computer science, specialized in artificial intelligence, Martin has established himself as a highly skilled and experienced expert in the field. His journey in IT/Tech started during his studies at Aarhus University, where he built a strong network and gained valuable knowledge.  Martin is the founder of his own company, Rehsco, and has been working as a freelancer for an impressive 25 years. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned companies such as Bankdata, Vestas, Terma, Siemens, AU-IT, Signal Iduna, and many others. His expertise lies in system integration of large-scale service architectures, where he both implements solutions and provides consulting and coaching on topics like micro-services, clean coding, and clean architecture. 
A typical workday as a SCR freelancer: 
On a typical workday, Martin primarily works remotely. He engages in meetings, pair, and mob-programming sessions, and also dedicates time to individual work. Being passionate about informatics, Martin chose to specialize in data-related projects. His focus on clean coding, clean architecture, and various design and development methodologies allows him to deliver high-quality services to his clients. He also enjoys mentoring and coaching team members in these areas.  Martin primarily works with Java and Kotlin for full-stack development, but he also has experience with mobile and .NET full-stack technologies. He constantly stays updated on the latest trends and explores new technologies. What excites him the most about his job at SCR Freelance is the never-ending learning process, as he constantly encounters new knowledge related to both customer domains and emerging technologies. 

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