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Meet the Team

Meet Mustafa, Infrastructure Engineer
“I have been working at Salling Group since 2016. I actually started in the warehouse as a picker and after working as a User Access Coordinator, I made my way up to being an Infrastructure Engineer. My main area of responsibility is identity and access management. I am automating all the user accesses based on clearly defined criteria. Depending on which part of Salling Group people work in, I’m making sure they get the correct access. I always have to be up to date, for example we recently bought Tesco Poland, and we now need to implement this together with Netto Poland. There are always new things happening. You never get bored. If you like to develop yourself professionally, then Salling Group is a great place to work”
Meet Himani, Solution Architect
“At Salling Group, I am responsible for SAP solutions which are for example being used by colleagues working at the Salling Groups stores. We are working with master data that is linked to the products sold at our stores. Our job is to make sure that the data handling is easy and simple for the people who need to work with it. There is a great degree of dynamism in our tasks at Salling Group. Some days you could be concentrating on documentation whereas another day would be fixing issues the end users are facing. There are a lot of possibilities for self-improvement and development at Salling Group. In my department, we have the opportunity to temporarily move to another team to gain knowledge and experience. I like that you can choose your tasks, you get responsibility, flexibility and also the space to say, ‘I can’t do this, I need help’. It is a healthy work environment where colleagues respect each other and appreciate diversity”
Meet Cristian, Cloud Engineer, E-Commerce and Cloud Operation
“Right now, my team is handling the infrastructure of large online applications of for example Bilka or Føtex and making sure they are stable and online. Salling Group is a great place where you can focus on career and deliveries. The main reason why I decided to start at Salling Group was actually that I am ambitious and wanted to develop myself further. I wanted to focus on my career and Salling Group helped me with that. I have previously worked on smaller projects but the projects here at Salling Group are very complex which makes me grow. You can have a lot of responsibility and work with very skilled people”

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