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Meet the Team

Meet Elena, Frontend Developer
“I’m currently working on implementing the user interfaces of our digital offerings, which means converting the design mockups to visual front-end elements that are accessible by the end-user. I’m also, doing the connection to the backend which delivers the data and translates it into something visual that costumers can experience. We work in an open space office, with a lot of different people all working for the same goal. This makes it easy to share knowledge and solve problems faster. Also, I get to work for a goal that is so big in terms of environmental changes and sustainability because Grundfos’ purpose is embedded in all our work.”
Meet Stefan, IoT System developer
“I worked as a student worker at Grundfos for 1,5 years before I started my full-time job. I wanted to stay working for Grundfos, because they are in the middle of a digital transformation, where we are building a digital platform which is quite challenging and very interesting for me to be a part of. Everything is new here – all the projects are just starting up or just started within the last years, so there are a lot of new challenges, where I get involved from the beginning. We work in teams of people with a lot of different backgrounds, which makes meetings where we discuss ideas very exciting because everybody chips in with their knowledge until we get the best solutions. There is definitely a lot of things to learn, working at Grundfos.”
Meet Lishuai, Senior Data Scientist
“Grundfos is developing a lot of digital competence, so the work environment is quite challenging and innovative. I’m researching on and applying state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for industrial applications by using cloud computing platforms. This will make Grundfos able to know the customers even better, so we can personalize their experience on our digital touch points. I’m also working on a project which uses advanced algorithms for better supply chain management or planning. Within the project, we explore how to use Machine Learning and deploying new algorithms to improve the forecast of our demand plan. We have a lot of freedom to use different types of technologies and validate their impact on our business, which is really exciting.”

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