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Meet the Team

Meet Mette, Senior Consultant
At Delegate, I am working within the Power Platform, primarily with Power Automate and Canvas apps. What is quite special about my job is that I have both hats on, the developer hat and the project manager hat. Most motivating for me is seeing customers take advantage of what we have built and to experience the whole journey from first workshops with the customer to handing over the finished product. The working environment is very transparent, we are all eager to learn from each other, regardless of which position one has. Already at the job interview, I felt I was part of a big family.
Meet Jeppe, Business Intelligence Consultant
I started working at Delegate about half a year ago. Currently, I’m working on a large project for a client within the transport sector who is building completely new systems for their customers. Through business intelligence and reporting, I am making sure that their business processes run as correctly and efficiently as possible. Delegate has this very inclusive and trusting work culture that they want to enforce. It’s not just something they claim on their website – you can really feel it. In general, I think Delegate has a good attitude regarding how important the employees are to the success of the company. I am lucky to have a lot of autonomy in my job without constantly seeking permission.
Meet Niels, Principal Consultant
In the IoT project I just finished, I have been working with Clever, a company that provides charging points for electric vehicles. Our task was to create a system that would be able to handle 1.000.000 charging points connected at the same time. The system is responsible for everything from charging the cars to ensuring that the end-user gets the correct bill. At Delegate, I am surrounded by a lot of very clever people who want to get the job done. Everyone has their competencies and expertise and if there is an issue there is always someone who is an expert in that specific area. I like the focus Delegate has on employee’s well-being, work-life balance, and development.

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