Large LEGO brick

The LEGO Group Develops the Builders of Tomorrow

The LEGO Group is famous for its iconic LEGO® brick. This brick has made the company one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of play materials. Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded the company in 1932. The company is privately held and family-owned with headquarters in Billund, Denmark.


Guided by the company motto: “Only the best is good enough”, the LEGO Group is committed to the development of children. Furthermore, they aim to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative play and learning. To fulfill this motto the LEGO Group is looking for smart and talented people that embrace their innovative spirit and enhance their fun and collaborative culture. Here you have opportunities to share your ideas and develop your career while enriching the lives of children worldwide.


However, the company is much more than their iconic bricks. Today, digitization and IT plays a big role supporting creative play and learning. Thus, they are looking for talented IT professionals to help develop the builders of tomorrow. Watch testimonials from international IT professionals working in the LEGO Group here.

‘Succeed Together’ with the LEGO Group

The LEGO Group hires for a wide variety of roles and functions, hereunder IT professionals, and is always looking for new talent! At the heart of the company is their People Promise – ‘Succeed Together’. The company culture is based on openness and trust. Moreover, their core values: Creativity, Imagination, Fun, Learning, Quality and Care – reflects everything that the LEGO Group does. Thus, the role of the People Promise is to enable execution of the business strategy and build the long-term health of the company. Secondly, the People Promise defines why people should choose and commit the best of themselves to the organization.

Only the Best is Good Enough

Living up to their motto “Only the best is good enough” makes the recruitment process thorough and extensive. The organization focus on hiring the right people who have the skills and desire that match the job criteria as well as competencies and values that fit into the company culture. In return, the company will support your growth and give you the tools you need to be successful. So, if you want to enrich the lives of children worldwide, we encourage you to apply for an IT job at the LEGO Group.

Meet the Team

Meet Vincent, Lead Application Engineer

“The projects my team and I work on, empower all LEGO® employees to ease their daily tasks through the application of both good User Experience design and best Engineering practices. We are focusing our efforts on creating a visual design system, with reusable components for other teams to use in their projects, so we create a unique and homogeneous look and feel for all the internal applications at the LEGO Group. We apply the agile software development methodology in our team and with new colleagues joining every week, it’s nice to see people’s light bulbs go up when they learn something in new and different ways as well as seeing how it benefits the team. Working in Denmark is strikingly different from other countries where I’ve worked. Here, there is a nicer, slower, more relaxed pace in terms of personal life. At work though, it is still busy – as I think is true everywhere, but the work-life balance is different here. If you want to make an impact, there is an opportunity for you to do that at the LEGO Group, but it calls for campaigning and communication skills, which for an engineer is not always a part of the professional toolbox. But for me, coming from a smaller company it is an exciting challenge. It’s always been a childhood dream of mine, working at the LEGO Group, and luckily someone said yes to my application, so I’m quite happy!”

Meet Francesc, Applied Machine Learning Engineer

“We are developing a cloud-based machine learning moderation tool for web services and phone applications that we have at the LEGO Group so that the user-generated content we receive is checked automatically and images and text are filtered accordingly to give children a good and safe experience online. The LEGO Group is a very cool place to work, my team is very active in doing stuff together, so working feels like hanging around with your friends. On Fridays, we have breakfast together before work, and we also love playing table football against each other, so we spend quite some time there. The managing team is also very open to let you sign up for cool events, such as hackathons, and courses so that you learn or improve on different skills! The tasks are also very exciting, and your participation in decision-making is always appreciated, which encourages you to get the best out of each one of us working together, and I think that is very impressive when you have worked for such a short time in the company. Fun fact: we have a two-day introduction program, and one of the activities is that you visit the house, where the LEGO Group started. It is now a museum, and you can see every single LEGO®-set that has ever been built. That is a super cool way to start because you can bring family and friends as well.”