Kamstrup employees

Kamstrup Creates the Future of Water and Energy

A hunger to always search for a better way of doing things has put Kamstrup at the cutting edge of the technological advancement of intelligent solutions for energy and water consumption. They work with energy and water companies, utilities and submetering businesses. Kamstrup creates new opportunities for growth, and inspire smarter and more responsible solutions for the communities they serve.


Kamstrup is world leading manufacturer and supplier of system solutions for smart energy and water metering. Hence, they hold a strong, international position with offices in 20+ countries and distributors in 60+ countries. Their headquarter is located in Stilling in Greater Aarhus. The company export their solutions from the headquarter to all around the world. With a job at Kamstrup’s headquarter you will be in close proximity to everything that constitutes the heart of the organization, including IT.

IT Professionals at Kamstrup

Of the more than 1500 employees at the organization today, 25 per cent are working with IT and Engineering. They create innovative product ranges of hardware, software, and services, including; consumption meters, communication infrastructure, meter data management systems, smart grid applications, hosted solutions, and tools for data analysis.

IoT Technologies 

At Kamstrup they have dedicated much time and efforts to explore the number of different IoT technology solutions. Within IoT technology, there is a number of meter and infrastructure solutions. New IoT technologies surface at an astounding rate, but neither of them can cater to every need. Each application has its own set of requirements for connectivity, bandwidth, latency, power consumption and more. Nevertheless, Kamstrup thinks that future-proof is spelt NB-IoT when it comes to AMI systems and smart grids. The NB-IoT technology ticks more boxes than most communication technologies and is worth considering for a lot of utilities.


So, if you are interested in working with a company taking a lead within IoT, then look for Kamstrup.

Thinking Forward 

Through leadership, expertise and passion for partnership, Kamstrup always thinks forward in pursuit of a brighter energy future; a future that advances the performance of every customer, whilst creating lasting value for the communities they serve.


For this reason, Kamstrup is looking for talent to take an active part in predicting the needs and challenges of their customers for them to improve their businesses and inspire to more intelligent and responsible solutions.

Meet the Team

Kamstrup - Mathias

Meet Mathias, Wireless Solution Architect

“My work at Kamstrup primarily consists of in-depth analyses of large-scale systems for remote meter reading and the application of such analyses in the specification of our future solutions. I also contribute to the development of the European standard for remote meter reading through standardization meetings. Our wireless solutions for remote reading are always in development for further improvements, and my team and I research which new technologies are available and meet the demands of our solutions, to develop our future solutions. One of the best things about my job is that I am a major contributor to the design/development of our future systems, working with state-of-the-art technology and developing systems specifically for the relevant use cases. Using and developing leading-edge technology to make tailored solutions, making products that are efficiently solving real issues is just very motivating. The best thing about working at Kamtrup is working with competent and committed colleagues, who share the passion for making quality products and solutions – while having fun doing so.”

Meet Karin, Business Engagement Specialist

“It is my job to ensure Business – IT alignment in the continuous development of our CRM system. We work to support our sales- and marketing department in their work processes, meanwhile upholding the IT standardization agenda. I am responsible for coordinating release, incident and change management with both internal and external stakeholders, in accordance with the ITIL framework. Also, my work includes budget and resource management of the technical specialists for efficient optimization of the system. The best thing about working at Kamstrup is that you get to be a part of a workforce with a lot of experience that is passionate about ensuring quality in their work. I think it is very motivating to be a part of supporting a great company on its growth journey. I get to work with experienced and friendly colleagues and managers that provide both support and sparing, which develops me both professionally and personally. You can see that Kamstrup cares for their employees with great employee benefits such as dentist, physical therapist, chiropractor and more.”

Kamstrup - Karin
Kamstrup - Anders

Meet Anders, Software Architect

“My daily work at Kamstrup consists of coding, drawing/describing new system designs, code review, and SCRUM activities. My favorite challenge is getting various data storage technologies to perform well, this requires gaining a lot of insight into storage systems like Cosmos DB, MSSQL, and Blob Storage. As a software architect in the Analytics department, I make sure we build a stable and scalable platform for our analytics applications. The platform is built using the latest .NET and cloud technologies, and we dare to play with the latest technologies for better or worse. In the department we are grouped in small cross-functional teams, combining different competencies. I find it inspiring to have experts in other fields nearby and sharing the same goal of creating great applications, which is especially rewarding when we succeed together.”