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Practical Establishment

Being prepared and informed is the best way to start when moving to a new country. Therefore, we provide you an overview of the services which can help you with all the practicalities concerning moving to Greater Aarhus in Denmark.

International Citizen in Aarhus

The Municipality of Aarhus welcomes you to Greater Aarhus. Read about your many opportunities to live, work, study, network, and have fun here. Here there is available information for new citizens and their families entering Denmark. Furthermore, you can find a cultural welcome package for you to familiarize with Greater Aarhus.

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Workindenmark is a public employment service that provides international jobseekers and Danish employers with the information, guidance, and tools to find each other. It is a service for highly qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark, and Danish companies searching for talented foreign candidates.
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International Citizen Service

Part of Workindemark is International Citizen Service. There’s a lot to take care of when you arrive in Denmark as a foreign employee or job seeker. This is where International Citizen Service (ICS) can help you. They make the contact to Danish authorities as easy as possible – for you and your partner. All the authorities you typically need to contact are represented at ICS. So, in most cases, you’ll only need to visit an ICS office to take care of paperwork and find answers to your questions.

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Taxes (SKAT in Danish) are what keeps the wheels spinning in Denmark. Paying taxes is mandatory when working and living in Denmark. However, it also gives you a lot of advantages like free education, free doctor appointments, free public services, security, and more. With taxes Denmark has become a welfare society.
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