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General Establishment

If you are looking for some general information about Denmark, this is the place for you. We provide you with some general information about the Danish society, culture and work environment to ease your settlement in Denmark.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has created a site where you can read and learn about one of the world’s most peaceful and happy societies – Denmark. Discover more about Denmark, our work-life balance, our passion for clean energy, why Danes are such happy people, and many other things worth knowing when moving to Denmark.

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A Welfare Society

Denmark is famous worldwide for our unique welfare society. But what is a welfare society? A characteristic of the Danish welfare state is that everyone has equal right to numerous welfare services. Consequently, this means that many of these welfare services are thus free of charge in Denmark, e.g. the educational system and large parts of the health care system. The extensive welfare state is first of all made possible due to the taxes that we pay. Hence, this is one of the main reasons for the Danish tax burden.


The work-life-balance is a cornerstone of Danish business culture and is thus important for you to get established. It gives you the opportunity to balance your IT career with your spare time and family life. Therefore, the working week in Denmark is 37-hours. Additionally, you obtain the right to five weeks paid holiday after 12 months of employment. Thus, by working in Denmark you have more freedom and time to spend on things that makes you happy.