Destination AARhus IT-Events

Destination AARhus invites IT professionals employed by our members to attend a diversity of events focusing IT and digitization. Annually we host 2-4 workshops and 10-12 meetup’s inviting international and local experts to touch upon the most current and demanded topics within IT.


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Casper Lund Thomsen

APIs in Danske Bank – The Journey




Simon Brown

Diagrams as code 2.0 – Modern Pragmatic Software Architecture




Simon Brown

Software Architecture for Developers MONDAY




Simon Brown

Software Architecture for Developers TUESDAY



Meetups are 90-minute talks meant to give you a deeper understanding of a specific IT-subject. Consequently, we aim to inspire you through engaging talks to bring new knowledge to your workplace. Also, it is a unique opportunity to network with likeminded IT-peers.

Jesper Boeg Agile meetup

Meetups for IT-Professionals

We organize events that motivates IT-professionals in Greater AARhus to stay at the forefront of the digital age. Hence, through our meetups we encourage an environment of continuous learning and innovative thinking in a software industry that is in constant transformation.


Our career events gives IT-professionals in Aarhus the opportunity to further develop their knowledge regarding IT and digitization. Additionally, our meetups  cater both to those interested in broad hot topics and to those operating within niche topics. Furthermore, the featured topics for our meetups and workshop vary within the field of software technologies and information communication technology.


We strongly believe in learning by doing. So, join a workshop, network with other IT-professionals, and bring back practical knowledge to your workplace. Our workshops vary from 1-day to 2-day workshops during normal working hours.

Workshops for IT-Professionals

Throughout the year we host a number of 1-2-day workshops. Our workshop events have limited seats between 20-35 persons. Thus, there is a great focus on intensive learning and a great outcome for the attendees. Due to this, the workshop sessions are based on the “learning by doing” principle and hence are very hand-on.


Furthermore, at our events you have the unique opportunity to network with IT-peers eager to share experiences and know-how.

Dave Farley workshop

Hands-on and high-quality Events

Destination AARhus is an ambitious collaboration between leading IT-companies in Greater Aarhus. As a result, one of the main goals is to make Greater Aarhus a preferred Destination for IT-professionals to unleash their talent.


Most noteworthy is that we offer IT-professionals hands-on and high-quality career events in Aarhus. At these events you can expand your knowledge and professional skillset within IT. Annually, we host 10+ events primarily located at the department of Computer Science at Aarhus University and at DOKK1.


We invite leading and international acknowledged specialists to present current and state-of-the-art developments and trends within software technologies. Thus, based on their theoretical insights and practical experience our lecturers provide you with useful in-depth knowledge. We cover both theory-driven and hands-on sessions enabling an interactive learning environment. Above all, we target international and Danish developers, programmers, IT project managers, IT-specialists, software engineers, IT-technicians, and other IT-profiles.

Tech Team meeting

Insights from a Dedicated Tech-Team

In Destination AARhus we prioritize organizing a diversity of events that are both relevant and interesting for the IT-professionals working for our members. Consequently, finding relevant and interesting topics and speakers happens in close collaboration with a dedicated Tech-Team. Therefore, our Tech-Team consists of managers and programmers from each company who take part in choosing topics and finding the most competent lecturers.


Do you have an interesting topic within IT that you want us to look into? Or do you know the name of a really engaging lecturer? Then do not hesitate to present your great ideas by writing us an email.

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