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Coffee tuk-tuk

Coffee tuk-tuk

20. September · 11:30 - 14:30 By:

We visit Aarhus University with 5 of our member companies with a coffee tuk-tuk. Swing by and have a chat and get updated on your job opportunities with internships and student jobs. This is a good chance to meet and gain insight into what it is like to work in one of the leading companies in the Greater Aarhus area.

No sign up is needed, just come by. :-)

WHERE: In front of Peter Bøgh Audiatorium, Nygaard building at Aarhus University, Katrinebjerg

WHEN: September, 20th from 11:30-14:30



If you come by the coffee tuktuk, you can, among other things, meet Sigurd P. von Arenstorff Vilstrup. He is working as a Software Developer at Bankdata and just graduated from Science in Engineering from Aarhus University. He can tell you how it is to work there and give you his best advice if you dream of landing a job at Bankdata.

How is it to work at Bankdata?

At Bankdata, Sigurd develops software for the new commercial bank. Specifically, he is working on creating a new account and custody list for the front page. He and his team also have operational responsibility for the old (current) mobile banking business. Sigurd finds his work exciting because of the general challenge in designing and developing software that must fit the great technical need Bankdata has. Also, he gets to work with technologies that he has not tried to work with before. Lastly, he finds everyone he works with skilled and positive-minded, personally and professionally.

A great advice:

One of his best advice when you land a job or internship, is to be social and try to get to know those you work with. It makes the day more fun and the learning too. Set some goals for what you want out of the workplace - and keep yourself and your employer up to date with that.


Coffee tuk-tuk networking event organized by Destination AARhus.