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Business Lunch at Danske Commodities

Business Lunch at Danske Commodities

17. November · 12:00 - 13:30 By:

Meet the IT department in Danske Commodities for an informal lunch meeting and gain insight into what it’s like to work there. You get to see the company from the inside and can ask all your relevant questions regarding them as an employer and what a future job and application process would look like. Below you get a short introduction to the people you are having lunch with.

Where: Værkmestergade 3, 8000 Aarhus

When: Thursday, November 17, 12:00-13:30

Peter Brinkler

Manager, Head of Software Development - Gas & Algo

Peter finished his master’s degree in Computer Science back in 2003, and he joined DC in 2020. Today, he acts as manager for our Software Development – Gas & Algo team. The primary role of the team is to deliver best-in-class support to gas and algo trading initiatives in DC.

His career journey towards his current position includes the following positions at various organisations:

  • Student developer
  • Developer
  • Senior developer
  • Architect
  • Lead developer
  • Head of Software Development – Gas & Also

Peter’s favourite code is Hello(;

Casper Guldager

Senior Software Developer, Software Development – Gas & Algo

Casper finished his master’s degree in Computer Science back in 2016 from Aarhus University. While finishing his studies, he worked with software development at NettoPower/Whitelabels (electricity supplier) where he also continued a few years after he ended his studies. Yet, since 2019, he has been working with software development in DC. Today, Casper is employed as a senior software developer as part of our algo trading portfolio. In the algo team, they are responsible for developing and maintaining the trading platform that is used to automatically complete trades.

Casper primarily uses Python and C# in his daily work.

Steen Lykke

Manager, Head of Software Development – Operations 

Steen has a background as Data Engineer from AARHUS TECH. He has worked with software development for more than 30 years – and he still loves it. Steen joined DC back in 2017, and today he acts as manager for our Software Development – Operations team which includes three sub-teams:

  • Backoffice
  • ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management System)

His journey towards his current position as manager for Software Development – Operations includes the following positions at various organisations:

  • Software developer
  • Consultant
  • Teacher (Microsoft Certified Trainer)
  • Head of Software Development – Operations

Steen’s favourite programming language is without doubt C# and .NET – in fact, he has worked at Teknologisk Institut with the purpose of introducing .NET and C# to Danish developers.

Mathias Holsko Jespersen

Junior Software Developer, Software Development – Operations

Mathias has a bachelor’s degree in Software Technology and is currently studying Computer Science at Aarhus University.

For many years, Mathias has had an interest in cyber security and programming – and before his studies, he even participated in several hackathons and completed various programming certificates. This early interest was also the main reason behind his choice to study Software Technology.

His journey with DC started back in 2018, while he was in the third semester of his bachelor’s degree. Today, he works as a junior software developer in the ACE (Advanced Data Collection Engine) team which is responsible for collecting various data for DC – data that are used, among others, by our traders

When Mathias was on his bachelor’s, he did an internship with DC. During his internship, he began to work with C# which enabled him to contribute both to developing an internal web tool as well as the modules that ensure the execution of Python scrapers and data processing. 

As part of his bachelor’s project, he developed a user interface for a chess game. The output of each move was sent to a robotic arm which then moved the physical chess pieces on the board – cool, huh? And besides creating cool robotic arms, Mathias is also quite the adrenaline junkie – he both has a helicopter ride and a parachute jump planned for the next year. And oh yes, he has just bought a motorcycle.

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