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Building a Data Platform in the Cloud (Morning Meetup)

Building a Data Platform in the Cloud (Morning Meetup)

30. May · 08:30 - 10:00 By:

When: Tuesday,  May 30, 08:30-10:00

Where: Danske Commodities, Værkmestergade 3, 8000 Aarhus C


In this Morning Meetup, Kristian Andersen from Danske Commodities will talk about how Danske Commodities are building a new streaming data platform for ML training and execution. This process has been initiated in order to meet the increasing demands for both latency and scalability. During this Morning Meetup, Kristian Andersen will cover the different considerations they made at Danske Commodities regarding this process. Considerations from deciding between on-prem and cloud, but also in regards to the challenges they faced when building the new platform. Among them, he will elaborate on the challenge of fitting in a new platform in accordance with the existing on-prem system landscape.

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Kristian Andersen

Since starting at Danske Commodities as a software developer, Kristian has worked on several in-house built systems, as well as being part of implementing On-Prem OpenShift as the internal hosting platform at Danske Commodities. Kristian is a Software Architect in a new product team, starting fall 2022, which aims to build a new data platform to meet increased demands on scalability, as well as a company expanding to have offices around the globe.

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