Company Spotlight: Delegate 

Delegate is an IT consultancy specializing in solutions built on Microsoft’s platforms adjusted to fit their clients’ businesses. Delegate deliver solutions within Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, CRM, Intranet, Digitized Workplaces, and Data-Driven Products & Services. When Delegate opened its doors in 2007, the dream was to create an IT consultancy with room for creativity and personal development. Today, Delegate has more than 120 talented employees, offices in Virum, Aarhus, and Aalborg, and clients all over Denmark.


This interview with Director, Mads Højborg, puts a spotlight on Delegate’s current challenges and opportunities.

Standing out in a sea of IT consultancies

Delegate is one of many Microsoft partners, but unique in their approach to collaboration with their clients.


“Our primary goal is to deliver value. To that we have a client promise that when working with Delegate you will discover that the value we add is based on our understanding of your business, our ability to translate it to IT, and our understanding of how to ensure its usage, ” says Mads Højborg, Director at Delegate, emphasizing that delivering on the client promise requires truly skilled and talented employees which is Delegate’s most prominent trademark.

Growth and development throughout

Looking inside the doors of Delegate, it is clear to see that the development of its employees is in focus. The work environment motivates all employees to continue their professional growth which is one of the reasons why Delegate is known as one of Denmark’s best IT workplaces.


“The goal of Delegate has always been to give back, develop young IT talents, and create an environment for creativity and development – a center of competence with employees who want to prosper. That is our foundation”, says Mads Højborg, when asked to reflect on Delegates opportunities, indicating that it is the employees of Delegate that will keep the company blooming.


Development is also a fitting adjective for the company as a whole. Growing fast, Mads Højborg recognizes one key challenge for Delegate to be able to keep up:


“The biggest challenge is attracting enough highly qualified employees within IT. The Microsoft platform is evolving incredibly fast and the demand for skilled consultants is massive“, says Mads Højborg. “The demand for talents in IT is huge. The digital movement has really picked up the pace and to succeed we may need to look for talents outside the Danish borders.”

Delegate facts:


  • Delegate has 120+ employees and offices in Virum, Aarhus, and Aalborg.
  • Delegate is the only Danish consultancy company, which is a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle, and amongst the 1% of Microsoft’s global network of partners.
  • Delegate works with Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Customer Experience Management, CRM, Intranet, Digitized Workplaces, and Data-Driven Products & Services

The (not yet) famous Aarhus

To continue the growth of the company and attract the right talents, Mads Højborg states that thinking globally is a necessity. However, he sees one dominant challenge – Jutland is lacking a bit of fame.


Destination AARhus is an important initiative if the IT industry and the city of Aarhus want to attract the right talents from Denmark and abroad. The opportunities for young talents are many around the world, with cities and the surrounding area having more “exotic” names. But Aarhus and Jutland in general also have many opportunities and assets, both professionally and socially – and we must have this widely spoken”, says Mads Højborg and continues, “If we manage to create a professional and challenging environment in Aarhus for the right talents, it will also affect the influx of jobs and new companies to Aarhus positively in the long run”.

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