Company Spotlight: Bankdata 

One of the biggest IT companies within finance in Denmark, Bankdata, is in the midst of a continuous digitalization and innovation process. The company is keeping its 8 owners and customer banks frontrunning with secure and reliable IT and innovative solutions, through cooperation, new technology, and active knowledge seeking.


This interview with Development Director, Claus Hjort Bjerre, will put a spotlight on Bankdata’s current challenges and opportunities.

Faster, smoother; simplifying bank processes

Bankdata is continuously impacting the development of the financial sector by looking forward and developing the solutions necessary for its costumers to stay relevant and reliable. “Our current main focus is to support our member banks in the digitalization. This means digitalizing processes across all activities in the banks to increase efficiency in the banks and provide end-customers with deeper and more engaging online solutions across their preferred platforms,” says Claus Hjort Bjerre, Development Director at Bankdata.


“In the coming years, I see a big opportunity in simplifying the (often very complex) processes in the bank, to make it possible to design them as outside-in processes. This means that the end-customers to a much higher degree will be able to initiate and complete business with the bank by themselves, giving a faster and smoother interaction.”

Looking beyond Denmark’s borders

Those opportunities, however, demand competent and specialized employees to become realized. With the current business landscape, highly specialized professionals are in high demand. They are the profiles that drive innovation and change, especially when it comes to IT and digitalization. Claus Hjort Bjerre recognizes the need for these competences as a central challenge in Bankdata as well:


“To be able to deliver on our goals, we will continue to need highly skilled and, in some areas, also highly specialized IT competencies.” A need, he does not expect to disappear in the coming years. “I expect an increase in the demand/supply gap of competencies which will only make this more critical.”


The solution, however, is also clear; looking beyond Denmark’s borders. Bankdata is working on an internal change to soon be able to welcome internationals. “In time we will build English speaking teams in the Aarhus area, staffed with primarily non-Danish employees. I hope Destination Aarhus activities will help us make this possible.”

Bankdata facts:

  • Founded in 1966, Bankdata is today a modern IT company with +750 employees.
  • Bankdata is owned by 8 Danish banks, who are also their customers.
  • Bankdata has offices in both Aarhus, Fredericia, Silkeborg, and India.

Opportunities to be educated and to develop

It is deep in Bankdata’s values to give opportunities to grow – both to their employees but also for the company as a whole. The Destination AARhus network between significant IT companies in our region is important for me. It gives opportunity to discuss ideas and common challenges and give inspiration to each other, which I find very valuable,” says Claus Hjort Bjerre.


For their employees, developing skills and getting inspired by cutting-edge technologies and what is moving in the tech-scene is important for keeping Bankdata top of their game, when it comes to developing innovative solutions for their customers. “For our employees, we have very profound value in the Meetups and Workshops that Destination AARhus arranges. It helps develop competences on crucial areas of technology and processes and foster a network between IT specialists in the region.”

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