Who we are

Destination AARhus is a coalition of locally founded, larger companies in Greater AARhus, all working together to increase the pool of highly requested IT-specialists. In total, we represent 5000+ IT-jobs in the area.


Destination AARhus is foremost a professional knowledge sharing and development community, with strong networks consisting of CEOs, CIOs and HR partners as representatives of our member companies. Our aim, together with them and a close collaboration with their IT-employees, is to make Greater AARhus a top location for existing and new IT-employees. We do so by hosting 2-4 hands-on Workshops and 8-10 inspiring Meetups, where our partner companies’ employees are invited.


We help international candidates become aware of the upsides and opportunities of moving their IT-career to Greater AARhus. We help international IT-students grow and get established in Greater AARhus with student jobs, internships and full-time employment after graduation. And we help Expats and local IT-employees fulfill their potential by making the Greater AARhus area an attractive, inspiring and closely connected IT-environment for all.


Unleash your IT-career in Greater AARhus

We host event, where experts within their field share knowledge and experiences of working the newest developments in tech.

Our Ambassador Team share their personal experiences on what it is like to live and work in Greater Aarhus as an IT-professional.

We are always open for new companies to join the Destination AARhus network. Contact us for a casual talk over coffee.