Terma – From the Shores to the Depths of Space

The history of Terma started in 1949 when the organization was founded in Aarhus, Denmark. It started as a small mechanical shop manufactured gas cylinders and autoclaves as well as thermometers and manometers. The business complexity and international diversity has increased and is still increasing, year by year. Today they provide mission-critical solutions for the defence and aerospace industry, and they serve customers all over the world. Their main skills are software and systems engineering. Further, Terma is a key supplier to most NATO member states across airborne and naval platforms.

Security is Key

Terma manufacture and develop products that meet their customers’ needs and requirements within aerospace, defence, and the security sector. They deliver advanced technologies to keep people safe. Their systems provide security for people on land, at sea, and in the air. Furthermore, they are engaged in projects in space, where they work to reach new frontiers and enable people on earth to deal with new and future challenges.


It is the organizations believe, that security ultimately depends on cooperating across borders and different background. Terma therefor emphasis on diversity and bringing passionate people with different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Technical Capabilities

Technology and innovation are the technical backbones of all Terms products and solutions. The work includes big data, AR/VR and artificial intelligence, and further, they constantly adapt and develop the newest technology. The many decades of involvement in international defence programs have matured their engineering organization to design and manufacture complex products for their customers.


The organization builds a variety of core software platform for their different markets. They ensure that customers will experience proven and stable software technology. Further, they offer the freedom to have a system designed and tailored to the customers exact needs and requirements.


Since 1970 Terma has been active in the space industry and they still are. They provide services to the space sector, and they have developed specific capabilities as a supplier of complete turnkey systems, specialized products, and specialist services.

Career Opportunities at Terma

Employment in Terma can either be the start or the continuation of a career within a unique domain working with unique solutions. Innovation and developing software technology require talented employers, and the organization make an effort to create an optimal environment for individual development.


Terma is looking for talented IT specialists – click on the link below for more information and find their vacant positions.