TalenTDK – attracting qualified employees  

Talent to Denmark (TalenTDK) is a national, collective effort to attract, welcome, and retain international talent. Destination AARhus is a project partner and will contribute with knowledgeexperience, and workforceThe project is funded by 40 million DKK by the Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth and will run from 2019-2022.

28 visionary partners

For the first time, 28 partners representing all parts of Denmark go together to knowledge share, develop and execute the largest attraction effort targeted international talents to this day.  


“For us, it is very important to take part in talent attraction efforts across Denmark. Denmark is small – Greater AARhus is even smaller. Therefore, we believe that collaboration is key in our pursuit to put Denmark on the world map as an attractive career destination. 

– Maria Thing, Head of Secretariat, Destination AARhus 


The project has four main activities, which aims to:  

  1. attract talents through digital campaigns 
  2. better welcome international employees 
  3. help companies best include international employees 
  4. help retain international students when they graduate.  

Destination AARhus and TalenTDK

Destination AARhus is involved with the highly effective State of Denmark campaigns which aims to advertise the Danish values and vacant positions to an international target group. Through five campaigns, relevant pre-screened candidates are matched with companies’ relevant vacant positions. 


Further, Destination AARhus participates and contribute in efforts towards international students. The ‘Talent Fellowship program’ is a series of touchpoints with the students, which will help building bridges between student and company, while creating bonds to Denmark. The aim is for the internationals stay and work in Denmark after their master graduation 


“These two areas of the project are both close to our strategy and contribute to our goals. The State of Denmark campaign benefits our member companies as it attracts talents effectively from abroad and increases the talent pool in Denmark. Our cooperation with Aarhus University in the Talent Fellowship Program also benefits as we can knowledge share and develop the effort to attract the best IT-students to Aarhus.”

– Maria Thing, Head of Secretariat, Destination AARhus.


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