Dato: 16.08.16
Foto: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.

Systematic Simplifies Critical Decision Making

The mission of Systematic is to deliver IT solutions that make it simpler for users to make crucial decisions in demanding situations. Thus, the company is all about “Simplifying critical decision making”. This is why “Simplicity” is a keyword for them and their solutions must be quick, simple, and efficient to use.


Every day, thousands of people depend on Systematic’s products and solutions for help in making critical decisions. The company’s products and solutions give decision makers an overview of the information they need to aid them in making the correct decision every single time.


Systematic is known for its ability to deliver high-quality, innovative IT solutions on time. This demands a highly trained, professional, and committed staff constituting the backbone of this knowledge-based company. Furthermore, customer focus, constant learning, and structured knowledge sharing are key components in building competencies within the organization.

Be Part of the Mission

Were you born to make a difference in the world? Join Systematic’s mission and simplify critical decision-making for more than 500,000 users around the world.


With offices in 12 countries, more than 1000 passionate employees strive to improve the world with exceptional software. Improving the world is ambitious, and Systematic really believes that this is what they do. The company makes a difference within the public sector, the health sector, the defense, the police, the financial sector, and the service sector.

Freedom with Responsibility

Working at Systematic you will work on a foundation of trust. Furthermore, you have freedom with responsibility for making decisions in your everyday life. The company wants to make a difference, and they dare to challenge technology, each other, and themselves.


As a new employee you are welcomed by helpful colleagues. Additionally, you can look forward to both a mentor arrangement and all the support you need to get settled. Working here you can develop and fulfil your potential and make a difference for the world at the same time.

Systematic – A World of Opportunities

Dedicated, professional, and highly skilled employees are the backbone of a knowledge-based company like Systematic. Therefore, they are always looking for those who strive to be the best in their field. Thus, talented IT professionals are highly in demand.


Systematic expects you to have career goals and care about your own professional development. In return, the company offers you great opportunities to develop your career within the organization – whether it is new responsibilities or competencies. Additionally, the company believes that it is better to develop people and risk that they leave than do nothing and they stay.


Systematic has many vacant positions. Apply now and help them make a difference with exceptional software.