Through the Eyes of an Expat

Would you like to know how it is to live and work in Greater Aarhus, Denmark? Furthermore, are you curious to explore why the work environment in Denmark is so pleasant that many expats choose to stay? We have collected stories where you get to know life in Greater Aarhus as an IT professional through the eyes of expats.


According to expats living here there are many reasons why they fell in love with Greater Aarhus. From a personal perspective the expats highlight the quality of life, work-life-balance, travel opportunities, and a great educational system among others. Professionally, what made a difference for the expats are the Danish work culture, skilled colleagues and managers, opportunities for career development, employee influence, and the technological advancement in the companies here. However, this is just some of the things that expats highlight about Denmark. Watch the stories below and discover why Greater Aarhus is the perfect destination to unleash your IT career.