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Stibo Group is a Leader in Information Management

The organization was founded in 1794 as a traditional printing house. Throughout the last 200 years, the organization has developed into a modern, advanced international company excelling at graphic processes, production, and software. Further, the organization’s long history plays an important role in their corporate culture today. In short, the organization operates three IT companies.

Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems is specialized in Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. It is the practice of building a single, accurate, and authoritative view of informational assets without forcing everyday department or external party to use the same application. They provide technology and solution that enable organizations to manage their operational information on a global scale. Importantly, more than 500 leading companies in manufacturing, retail and hospitality rely on Stibo Systems solutions and services every single day. From Walmart to IBM to McDonald’s. Read more here:

CCI Europe

CCI develop editorial and advertising solutions for cross-media news and magazine environments. With a portfolio including the New York Times, Bannett, and Alex Springer, CCI supply major news publishing companies worldwide with Content Management systems. Read more here:


Inspari is a high-growth consultant company with the most focused Business Intelligence specialists in Denmark. Most importantly the bright consultants, innovative approach, and the ability to put the customers’ needs first drive Inspari to offer the most competitive Business Intelligence solutions. Furthermore, they have made everyday life easier for IT departments, finance departments, and people who need quality information about specific business areas. Read more here:

The Stibo Accelerator

This programme is a unique way for Stibo to invest in inventing the best – students and startups are some of the most innovative folks around. Additionally, the aim is to bring research and entrepreneurship closer to the industries.


The Stibo Accelerator initiative supports 12-20 teams of students and startups every year. They offer an amazing setup for exploring trends and technologies in close relationship with the industry partners in a vast global network. Certainly, being curious and a desire to challenge conventional thinking is what drives the Accelerator. In other words, the purpose is to nurture students and startups so they can focus on their innovative projects. The students do not work for Stibo, but Stibo will do anything to make the projects great and closer to reality.


Further, Stibo believes that this both benefit the creative students and startups as well as the industries they operate in. The core value for the accelerator is “closer to reality”. By creating the right circumstances around the academic thesis, student projects can help inspire real companies.


Does this sound interesting to you? Find more information here:

Many career opportunities for IT specialists 

The over 1,200 employees across the three division has one common goal; to provide excellence in technology and create value for our customers. Furthermore, Stibo is passionate about what’s around the next corner. Certainly, they know that in the realm of tomorrow’s technology, the rules are written as we go.