Employees at SOS International

SOS International is an Assistance Organization

SOS international is a world leading assistance company with strong Nordic roots. The organization provides a wide range of solutions within medical, health and roadside assistance. It is owned by a number of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic region and has a case volume that places SOS International as one of the largest assistance organizations in the world. With alarm centers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, the organization provides acute personal assistance all over the world.

SOS International is among others an innovative, reliable, and cost-conscious outsourcing partner. Professionalism and empathy are the hallmarks of their assistance.The company holds a triple ISO certification. Additionally, the environmental focus continuously reminds them to explore the technological and digital opportunities to stay relevant in the market. Then, by expanding their digital solutions they are thus minimizing their environmental footprint.

An International Environment at SOS International

SOS International consists of a comprehensive network of qualified suppliers, business partners, and more than 20 Service Offices all over the world. They are counting more than 1200 employees, which represents 30 nationalities. Combined the employees speak more than 37 different languages which creates a great international work environment in the organization.

Join the Digital Transformation of SOS International

SOS International secures the value chain on behalf of their customers. They are a trusted partner who provides the optimal end-user experience taking the total cost for their customers into account.

The core values of the organization are to be responsive, caring, advanced and inside, and living up to these values requires technological advancement. Therefore, SOS International is facing an exciting digital transformation of their entire organization. The organization is expanding their digital solutions by implementing the Red Hat platform. Therefore, the company is ongoingly looking for talented IT professionals to apply for their IT jobs. See their vacant positions here.

A Job at SOS International

No matter where in the organization you are working or what you are doing, you will as an IT professional with a job in SOS International make a difference to the organization’s customers and to your colleagues. This is what makes this organization an interesting, challenging and demanding place to work within IT. It brings all your human and professional competences into play – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can expect that regardless of which part of SOS International you are employed in, you are an important part of the company. The nature of the organization’s business makes them deeply dependent on each other. Therefore, they expect their employees to participate actively within their team and contribute to the company’s continuous development.