Map of Central Region Denmark

Region Midtjylland – Regional Development

Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region) is one of five administrative units in Denmark. It is a political organization working within several areas in the public sector such as welfare, regional development, and employment.


There are more than 1,3 million citizens and 68,000 private enterprisesemploying a total of 450,000 full-time employees in Region Midtjylland. This makes it one of the largest administrative regions in Denmark, which creates a great demand for intelligent solutions. Currently, around 30,000 employees work to carry out regional tasks at all levels. Region Midtjylland ensures and coordinates regional development in areas such as nature, environment, business, and tourism. Thus, the region must secure the overall strategy and at the same time secure top-quality services.

Region Midtjylland – A Major IT Employer

Region Midtjylland is one of the region’s largest IT workplaces with around 500 IT-employees. Similar to the other members of Destination AARhus, they experience challenges in finding qualified and talented employees to fulfill their vacant IT positions. Therefore, Region Midtjylland has partnered up with Destination AARhus to attract more qualified IT professionals to Greater Aarhus.


Additionally, to facilitate competitiveness of the companies in the area and create new jobs, the region regularly launches new initiatives. These initiatives have a consistent emphasis on financial viability as well as environmental and social sustainability.

Supporting Partner and Regional Development

Therefore, besides being a major IT workplace, Region Midtjylland is furthermore responsible for creating regional development. Thus, this regional unit has partnered up with Destination AARhus since our activities positively affects the regional development. Creating regional development is a strategic prioritization for the region. This secure that the businesses in the area have access to the amount and quality of labor they need. Especially, the businesses in the area are looking for a vast amount of skilled and talented IT professionals for them to realize their increasing growth potential.

Reaching for a Greater Goal Together

Consequently, the partnership between Region Midtjylland and Destination AARhus is an initiative that positively affects several regional agendas. As a result, several departments from the region offers their support for Destination AARhus to succeed realizing the goal of attracting and retaining IT talent in Greater Aarhus.


Hence, with competences and resources Region Midtjylland supports Destination AARhus to fulfill the greater goal of making Greater Aarhus the preferred destination for IT professionals to unleash their career.