Sam Newman’s key takeaways and best memories from Aarhus

Tuesday, January 21st, 195 employees from Destination AARhus’ member companies gathered for a full day in the company of UK based, Independent Consultant, Sam Newman.


The day started with a workshop at the BESTSELLER office, which was followed by a Meetup at Aarhus University. Participants were thus able to pick Newman’s brain in the format they preferred – 45 gained hands-on knowledge in the workshop and 150 listened to his experiences and got some food-for-thought inspiration at the Meetup.


During the 1-day workshop, the attending IT professionals explored the field of Microservices. And with the title “Feature Branches and Toggles in a Post-Github World”, Newman closed the day with a talk at Aarhus University, where his key takeaway was clear:


To get developers to focus on integrating their changes with their colleagues on a very frequent basis. Doing this once a day at the very least! Don’t defer integration by using long-lived branches.


Keeping your skills sharp

70+ were on a waiting list for the workshop after it was fully booked within just 6 minutes. The interest in Sam Newman and the topic broke Destination AARhus records. Newman was taken aback, that so many Greater Aarhus employees realize the importance of seeking new knowledge and inspiration.


As IT professionals, keeping your skills sharp is really important. Our field changes so quickly that keeping up to speed can be a real challenge. Coming to public workshops and talks, like those offered by Destination AARhus, can be a great part of helping in this regard, but it also helps you build connections from fellow professionals which can be invaluable.”


Making Aarhus a viable place to be for IT professionals

This was the second time around, Destination AARhus invited Sam Newman to Aarhus. Newman expressed excitement for the Destination AARhus initiative and the member companies’ foresight.


Collaboration between companies that in other situations might be competitors might seem odd, but it’s entirely sensible. By investing in the local community and making Aarhus even more viable as a place to be for IT professionals everyone benefits.” 


And speaking of Aarhus, Newman shared some of his best memories from the many times he visited Aarhus:


“I have many memories of my time in Aarhus, from visiting the bog body at Moesgaard Museum and getting chased by sheep, to being freaked out by Ron Mueck’s Boy sculpture in the ARoS art museum. There were also a number of visits where for reasons I can’t quite explain, I ended up late at night in the Irish pub… This visit was a little more restrained, partly as I have to keep my head down to get some writing done for a new book!”