Terma delivers new radio dispatch


Terma has signed a new contract with Center of Emergency Communication (CFB) about delivering a radio dispatch including service and maintenance for the Danish National Police.


Terma delivers new radio dispatch to the Danish National Police


The new radio dispatch replaces the version that Terma delivered to the Danish National Police in 2013. Since the delivery, the system has worked at a constant high and stable level. The new radio dispatch will provide 24-hour service to approx. 100 simultaneous users at 15 of the National Police’ control and operations centres.


n addition to the delivery, the contract includes service and maintenance, and it ensures a continuous possibility of system development through option packages that can be purchased during the contract period.


“The contract is of great importance to Terma, and we are pleased to continue the collaboration with the Danish National Police in the coming years. Together with the Danish Defense, Copenhagen Airport, the Danish Regions, and the Danish Emergency Management Agency, the Danish National Police is a significant and valued Danish customer of Terma. Through our collaboration with these customers, we support the Danish authorities’ efforts to secure safety and security in Denmark,” says Lars Hedemann Hilligsøe, Senior Vice President.


CFB’s task is to ensure that the state investment in emergency communication is managed and further developed to the best possible extent. CFB is responsible for developing efficient, well-functioning, and technologically updated communication systems for the Interior Danish Emergency Management.


Terma has delivered radio dispatch solutions to several of the Danish Regions and rescue teams as well as to the overall national emergency management in Finland.


A radio dispatch


A radio dispatch controls communication between control centres and operative units (handhold terminals, wagon terminals, and mobile command centres). With Terma’s radio dispatch the staff at the control centres can control and manage more effectively. Further, they can coordinate preparedness efforts in crises situations and in the everyday life.


The radio dispatch can be scaled from a one control room to an any number of control rooms. These control rooms can be distributed on a given geographical area and can be configured to handle the necessary sub-set of groups and terminals in the national covering Tetra network SINE.


About Terma


The high-technology company Terma develops products and systems for civil, military, and security purpose. Hereunder command- and control system, radar systems, systems for protecting aeroplanes, space technology, and structural parts to the aircraft industry.

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