Milestone in Danish business: Systematic rounds 1000 employees


Systematic is the only privately-owned Danish company in more than 20 years to reach an employee total of 1,000.



An event rare in Danish business took place on Thursday 16 August 2018. Systematic became the only privately owned Danish company for over 20 years to reach a total of 1,000 employees. This remarkable round number was celebrated with visits by the Danish Minister of Employment, Troels Lund Poulsen, as well a Systematic customers and working partners.


The event marks a significant milestone in Systematic’s history, says CEO Michael Holm.

“We are very proud to have got this far. It shows that the good traditional values – such as credibility, diligence, customer care and a commitment to employee care and development in both the short and long term – bear fruit. At the same time, we insist that Systematic develops products that can be used both nationally and globally – and that our solutions should make a difference to the individual users – the doctor, the soldier and the librarian.”


Being a privately-owned company is also an integral part of the company’s growth strategy:

“As a privately-owned company with owners who are in it for long haul, and who don’t just fixate on quarterly figures, we have a unique opportunity to also invest in long-term solutions. This gives us the freedom to think big, and to focus on both quality and innovation. Over the years, this strategy has meant that we have been able to develop highly durable solutions for both private-sector and public-sector markets,” explains Michael Holm.


Among other things, Systematic is behind the nationwide Joint Library System for Denmark and the clinical information system for the Central Denmark Region, which the Region of Southern Denmark also selected earlier this year.


Systematic’s history dates back to 1985. As early as 1986, growth began to take off when the company received its first major contract – for a command and control system ordered by the Royal Danish Navy. In 1992, Systematic grew beyond Danish national borders with the setting up of an office in the United Kingdom, and an office in the United States followed in 1995. Since then, the company has opened several other offices around the world, so that Systematic now has offices in a total of twelve different countries.


“We have experienced massive growth in recent years, not least because of major orders in the health and defence fields, both in Denmark and abroad. In 2017, we sold the Systematic command and control solution to the US defence forces, resulting in our largest single order to date. We owe all our customers a great deal of thanks for the trust they have shown us over the years, and because we have had the opportunity to participate in so many exciting projects. This has been crucial for us reaching where we are today,” says Michael Holm.



At the same time, he would like to thank all current and former employees.

“I am incredibly grateful to all of our talented employees, who put time and passion into their jobs every single day. At Systematic, we believe that we can all do more by working together than by working individually. Today’s high-profile milestone is a clear example of that,” concludes Michael Holm.