Opening of the new Concordium Blockchain Research Center

On Friday, February 1st  the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University opens the new Concordium Blockchain Research Center.

The research centre is founded by the Concordium Foundation with 50. Million kr. In the coming years, it will be the focal point for new and ground-breaking research into blockchain technology with a focus on safety, transparency, and general applicability. It is expected that the research centre will contribute with a lot of discoveries on the blockchain space. Researchers will perform research in blockchain technology, foundational blockchain theory, and cryptography. Visit the research centre’s website here:



A blockchain is a growing sequence of linked data-blocks. In a distributed blockchain, many parties store a copy of the blockchain. These parties can exchange information such as new data over a peer2peer network. The involved parties must ensure that they all store the same version of the blockchain, even if new data is added. To this end, the parties run a distributed consensus protocol. Using smart contracts, one can use a cryptocurrency for a wide array of applications, such as online shopping, auctions, keeping track of goods in logistics, and transparent elections.


Research areas

Bitcoin kicked off the revolution of the blockchain, and today blockchain projects have strong academic participation. The research centre has six research areas; Peer2Peer Network, Distributed Consensus, Formal Verifications, Smart Contracts, Zero-Knowledge, and Cryptographic Primitives for Blockchains. You can read more about the research areas here:


All of the research performed at the Concordium Blockchain Research Center is open source and patent free. It will build a solid foundation for the entire blockchain space.


The Concordium Foundation

The Concordium Foundation is a Swiss non-profit foundation. It founds research in the blockchain space and builds a new foundational blockchain with focus on business and regulatory compliance. The foundation is a part of the Concordium organization with founders who are successful business people, world-class cryptographers and extremely skilled software developers.



You can read more about the Concordium Foundation here: