New Esport team in Aarhus

Systematic, a Destination AARhus member, supports a new big esport project in Aarhus, AGF Esport AsP, with a focus on developing talents.


It will be the first of its kind that focuses on the development of talents from a very young age. The football club AGF will run the new E-Sport team with Systematic and Esprot Service supporting. At a press conference at Systematic’s headquarters in Aarhus, the three partners presented their new established AGF Esport ApS.


AGF Esport is the first of its kind that focuses specifically on developing talents at a very young age. AGF Esport has several centres of excellence through agreements with various continuation schools around the country including Rydhave Slot in Vinderup, one of the best of its kind regarding Esport. The first Counter-Strike team consist of talents between the age of 15 to 18 recruited from Rydhave Slot.


“We have followed the explosive development within esport with a growing interest. If we were to be involved in esport, it was very important to us that it was a different and innovative project. We have managed to find that, and together with Systematic and E-sport Service, we are looking forward to building up something that is brand new within the E-sport industry in Denmark,” Jacob Nielsen says, Executive Director in AGF, who is looking forward to the collaboration with Systematic and E-sport Service.


“Thanks to the support from Systematic and the collaboration with Esport Service, this is not a huge risk from AGF’s side – neither economically nor organizationally. We are excited that both parties have joined the project, and we look forward to the collaboration. As a football club, we can teach the young talents something about the importance of exercise, nutrition, and everything else that creates a complete human being and a skilled athlete at the highest level,” Jacob Nielsen adds.


Systematic as the main sponsor

AGF Esport’s first main sponsor will be Destination AARhus member Systematic.


“Esport fits our brand and business very well. However, an important reason for being part of this initiative is that we want to contribute to the development and growth of Aarhus and not least make sure that local talents can grow and develop here in Aarhus,” Michael Holm says, CEO at Systematic.


The representative for Systematic in the board of the common company, AGF Esport ApS, will be Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen. He a well-known handball coach with great experience as both assistant coach for the national team and head coach. He is currently coaching the 1st league club Bjerringbro-Silkeborg.


”Esport is a new and exciting world and I am both happy and proud of being recommended to contribute to the work with AGF Esport. I have always had an interest in and have a lot of experience with building up a team and I look forward to being a part of the process where we shall launch a brand new esport team,” Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen says.


AGF Esport team

AGF Esport will be housed at the facilities of AGF around the Ceres Park & Arena where the players will have access to both training and accommodation facilities. The talents will get a sense of belonging together as a team and access to physical training, food, and dietitians. Further, they get the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest brands in Danish sport, AGF. The team thus will compete in the same white colour as the football players from AGF.


The third partner in the project is esport service, who works with teaching and training. Additionally, they work with as well as events and online leagues with esport as their main industry of competency. They will, therefore, act as the daily management of the team from the headquarters at Ceres Park & Arena.


“We want to scout and find the best young players and develop them through the amazing facilities that we have access to through AGF. By these means, we can foster players who are able to reach the absolute top level internationally,” Michael Rüsz says, the upcoming Sports Managing Director in AGF E-sport.

There are high ambitions for the new AGF Esport ApS and they aim for an international top team: