Hans O. Damgaard and Stibo win award

An innovative way of thinking as well as collaborations with graduate students and entrepreneurs by Stibo was rewarded with the Business Network Aarhus (Erhverv Aarhus) award 2018.


The CEO of Stibo, Hans O. Damgaard, has been rewarded with the prize because of the great results Stibo has achieved. Especially their contribution to the business community in and around Aarhus was highlighted as a deciding factor why Stibo won the award.


Great atmosphere at the event. Credit: Business Network Aarhus (Erhverv Aarhus)

The ceremony took place on Friday the 5th of January 2018, in the center of Aarhus at the recently opened restaurant Malt in the Ceres district. Around 150 participants took part in the celebrations where chairman of Business Network Aarhus (Erhverv Aarhus), Terje Vammen, elaborated on rewarding Stibo the prize as follows:


– Stibo has achieved great results with a long-term business perspective, an innovative culture, as well as an outstanding adaptability in a market that changes every day. The results speak for themselves and the same can be said about their contributions to the artistic, cultural and sports activities in the city, he says in his speech.


A great example of the commitment to the city is underlined by Stibo Accelerator, which shows how a company can give back to the city. This is a sub division of Stibo that helps young entrepreneurs and students with developing their projects.


Stibo has a long experience in the field of information management and printing solutions with strong roots in Aarhus and more than 1,200 employees globally. Also the mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, acknowledged the work of Stibo at the event and complimented them for “an admirable transformation from a traditional book printing company to the high tech company it is today”, he says.


Terje Vammen (left) with Hans O. Damgaard (right). Credit: Business Network Aarhus (Erhverv Aarhus)

Hans O. Damgaard, who has been part of Stibo since 1994 and CEO since 2005, was naturally very proud of the award.


– I am very happy to receive this award on behalf of the whole Stibo organization. It is a great recognition of our innovative work as a company. I am also very pleased that it is an award here in Aarhus which is of special meaning to us as it has been our foundation since the beginning. To be close to the educational environment has meant a great deal to us. The most important suppliers are the ones that educate highly skilled IT-workers”, he says.


About the Award

The Business Network Aarhus (Erhverv Aarhus) prize is rewarded to a company or a person who has done a remarkable effort to benefit the business community in the region of Aarhus, and at the same time been able to make the attractiveness of running a company in Aarhus visible to the world.


The award has been rewarded on a yearly basis since 2004 and the last seven years, three of our members has been the winners of the prize. In 2010 Michael Holm, CEO of Systematic won the prize, in 2014 Peder Tuborgh from Arla Foods was rewarded the prize and this year the turn came to Hans O. Damgaard and Stibo.


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