Destination AARhus launches a cross-company tech blog for IT-professionals

Amid the Corona-crisis, Destination AARhus has launched a new knowledge bank for IT-professionals and students on the platform Medium: The Destination AARhus TechBlog. The blog is the first local, cross-company blog – a place, where writers from different companies, in different positions, working with different cutting-edge technologies are sharing their knowledge on an available for all-platform.  


Peer to peer online knowledge sharing 

Behind the initiative is the desire to share knowledge across companies, where IT and tech solutions play a vital roleIt is both knowledge-sharing from a company perspective but importantly also from an employeetoemployee perspective. 


IT and tech develop fast. Staying up to date with new movements and learning from successes and failures is key to developing yourself as an IT-professional and to innovate within all industries. The Destination AARhus TechBlog collects blog posts on all technical levels, thereby providing a bank of information for everyone who enjoys learning something new – regardless of their level.  


Employees, with their hands on the keyboard, writing code, developing software, building applications, using and applying their expertise are excellent sources for inspiration and information for their fellow IT-peers. By writing about what they work with on a day-to-day basis, the unique cross-company approach the tech blog has, highlights the many opportunities IT-professionals have in the area. It is a platform where the IT-professionals are encouraged to share their expertise, passions, and what excites them right now within the IT and tech scene – and through that, giving honest insights into the technologies their company is working with.   



Collecting inspiration and deep technical how-to 

More than 5 months’ worth of blog posts discussing and exploring different technical topics are already in pipeline for the Destination AARhus TechBlog 


Expect blog posts written by IT-professionals from Grundfos, Kamstrup, Bankdata, BESTSELLER; Danske Bank, LEGO, Salling Group, Trifork, Systematic, SOS International, and Aarhus University. 


The tech blog, therefore, is and will continue to be an excellent source for information and inspiration into what technologies and projects the leading companies in Greater Aarhus are working on – from the employees’ own perspective.  


Whichever topic the writer is passionate about, that is what will be posted. Where some enjoy sharing concrete how-to information about the application of new technologies in practice, others enjoy the sustainability perspective on IT and tech in general – and that’s just to mention a few. 




You can find the Destination AARhus TechBlog on Medium here

Remember to give the blog a follow to stay up to date with the coming technical content.  



Read a selection of the published blog posts here: