Corona crisis calls for innovation, creativity, and adaptability

During the first month of the Danish lockdown, enforced to contain the coronavirus, almost all of our member companies’ employees had to unplug their computer and plug it back in, in their home office. This significantly changed their normal workday and challenged them and their leaders to innovate the way, they normally do things.  

We’ve found a selection of incredible and inspiring examples of adaptability in three companies. Both towards ensuring a continuous warm and social work environment as well as to ensure responsible citizenship towards a society in a crisis.  




Systematic: Appointing CCEO’s – Corona Chief Entertainment Officers


With offices in 11 countries, Systematic is not a stranger to video-meetings and long-distance teamwork. Each office had social activities well integrated in their every day, making sure that they’re all connected to their workplace and colleagues. Now, however, those 11 offices have turned into 1100 home offices, separating everyone from everyone. Systematic’s CEO, Michael Holm, therefore appointed a handful of interim CCEO’s – Corona Chief Entertainment Officers to come up with ways to stay social, but with a distance.  


So far, they’re planning Friday Barin cyberspace, online lectures, a virtual running club, a live-streamed concert with the company bandonline workout sessions, quizzes, and recommendations for cultural online experiences.  


Pernille Bræmer-Jensen, one of the CCEO’s was quoted for an article saying, “It is super cool that both management and colleagues are actively doing something to strengthen morale and maintain team spirit in these very strange times. We also hope that it will bring us closer together with colleagues in other countries. 


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Grundfos: Changing production to aid the shortage of pharmaceutical equipment


Grundfos has shown a unique commitment to society by quickly changing their production in more than one county to produce visors or face shields, so that employees in the health and care sector can protect themselves and patients against corona infection.  


From the Danish Medicines Agency had made a call, less than 36 hours were spent before Grundfos had a visor prototype ready. And on April 3rd, they started a full-scale production. 


Morten Bach Jensen, Group Vice President, HVAC OEM, Grundfos commented on the effort, “It is very important for our company to take social responsibility. We can help produce something, which is a deficiency, and this is not something we have to make money from. It’s just an attempt to help.” 


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Danske Bank: Encouraging employees to volunteer to help fight the Coronavirus


In a time, where public sectors like the health- and military services are put under severe pressure, the Danish Government has requested citizens with a relevant background to volunteer.  


Danske Bank proves social responsibility by listening and acting on that requestAll their employees with an educational military or health background are being offered compensation if they wish to volunteer. This extends across borders to all employees in countries with such a request from their Government. 


Head of HR at Danske Bank, Karsten Breum, commented on the initiative: “The health care system is challenged, and we may lack the human resources to solve the enormous task. At Danske Bank, we want to help take on this task by offering employees with a relevant background to use their hands and knowledge in the health care, while it is under heavy pressure.”  


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We see many companies that are doing everything they can to help their employees and our society as a whole through this crisis. It is admirable to see, how integrated into the Danish culture it is to stand together when a crisis asks us to distance ourselves.  


Our member companies show great examples of staying together at a distance, and we hope you do the same. Stay safe and stay healthy!