Coding for children: Coding Class visits Systematic



A sixth grade will visit the IT company Systematic on April 5th  as part of the Coding Class project. Here they will learn about coding, IT, and technology – and meet some of the people who are behind the technology which surrounds us all.

Coding Class visits Systematic


Technology and IT systems is a natural part of all Danish children and young people’s everyday lives but very few IT users might know what is behind. Engineers and computer scientists who have composed codes to create complex IT systems and creative games.



ITB is the IT industry’s trade association and the initiator of Coding Class. With this project, they wish to open the schoolchildren’ eyes for the world behind the technology. This will happen through cooperation with a selection of municipalities and IT companies. The project takes place over one week, where classes from across the country will get the opportunity to experience a week in the sign of technology.


39 of Aarhus Municipality’s schools have signed up their sixth grades to experience the IT company Systematic from the inside. An opportunity, which the Group Senior Vice President at Systematic Dorte Gade sees a great potential within.


“The Danish children and young people are the generations to ensure that Denmark continues as an international knowledge society. For this reason, we at Systematic are happy to share our vision about a market area which will play an even bigger role in the future, says Dorte Gade.


People behind the technology


During the first four days of the week, the schoolchildren will learn to code and work with how to transform their own creative ideas into a game. After four days of coding the classes will visit the company and here they will show the creative games, which they have coded.


At Systematic the schoolchildren will learn about what an international IT company as Systematic works with. Moreover, they get feedback on their own games from a group of professional coders and developers from Systematic. The goal is to show them that companies are driven by technology and IT together with people in different roles.


“It is important for us to give the schoolchildren the understanding, that IT and technology are not just about mobile phones, tablets, and computers. We wish to show them that there are people behind the technology that surrounds us all. And that maybe one day it could be one of them, Dorte Gade, Group Senior Vice President


Strengthening the IT industry


Coding Classes is a pilot project which aims to learn children about IT and technology. Further, it aims to motivate them to explore and maybe work with digitalization in their own future.


The background for the project is a prognosis predicting that in 2030 we will lack 19.000 IT specialists in Denmark. This is a challenge which already characterizes the industry today. At Systematic alone, there were 80 vacant positions by February 1st in 2018. Dorte Gade expects that the staff in 2018 worldwide will grow by around 200 employees.


“We are already struggling in filling out all positions we need to. If we are not actively doing anything to strengthen the IT industry, we will face bigger problems in finding the necessary workforce in the future. And it will eventually weaken Denmark’s position in the global competition, says Dote Gade


Read more about Systematic and see vacant positions here: