Aarhus Critical Care Datathon – Investing in the Local IT-environment

Aarhus Critical Care Datathonis a cross-disciplinary seminar that helpposition Aarhus on the IT world mapThis is both due to its international outreach and its local potential to gain knowledge from the very best.  


Destination AARhus is a proud sponsor of the Aarhus Critical Care Datathon taking place from August 30 to September 1. The event is organized by Aarhus University in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Google. The Critical Care Datathon has previously been held in Boston, London, Singapore, Paris, Munich, and Milan which positions Aarhus among some highly ranked IT hubs in the world.  


A Conference with Bigger Perspectives 


Aarhus Critical Care Datathon gathers clinicians, data scientist, engineers, and statisticians for interdisciplinary collaboration to figure out how to use big data to answer important clinical research questions. However, the eventhas other important perspectives for the local business environment.   


Aarhus Critical Care Datathon attracts talents from many disciplines to participate in the 2-day hack. 135 national and international profiles are expected to participate in the Friday symposium and 70 persons in the weekend Datathon. For Destination AARhus it is key to make the first impression of Greater Aarhus as a potential IT-career destination a great one. According to research, the first meeting with a new city often determines whether visitors see themselves returning. So, with the scarcity of IT-talent we hope this can aid attracting more talents to unleash their IT-career in Greater Aarhus.  


Studies furthermore show that scientific events like Aarhus Critical Care Datathon have a positive impact benefitting multiple local sectors. This kind of conference is a unique opportunity for knowledge-intensive companies, educational institutions, and the civil society to tap into a temporary cluster of talent, inspiration, and networks concerning critical care and the utilization of big data. Like IoT Week 2019 happening back in June, the Aarhus Critical Care Datathon is another event that underscores that there is a great tech environment in Greater Aarhus, where you as an IT-professional can further develop yourself by joining international tech-events locally.  


Collaboration is Key


Aarhus Critical Care Datathon is a grand example showing that strategic collaboration between local stakeholders like in this case Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital, Central Denmark Region, Visit Aarhus, and Destination AARhus is key to position Greater Aarhus among the best career and conference destinations globally.  


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