My Life in Greater Aarhus by Sadak

Greater Aarhus by Sadak Halil


October 12th 2018

Sadak Halil is a manager of End User Training and Device Management at LEGO Group. He moved to Greater Aarhus because of an urge to develop himself professionally, “When I saw this combination of Denmark and LEGO, you know it was like, okay I have to be there”, sais Sadak.

“I have never thought of LEGO as a place for an IT professional because they make these great toys, but it is logical right now – it is quite logical that this whole thing is supported by IT,”
– Sadak Halil

As an IT professional at LEGO, Sadak is working with advanced IT technologies and implementation of those. According to him, LEGO is a very purpose-driven company with a unique mission to develop the builders of tomorrow. Every time he walks into the office it makes him feel a part of something big.