My Life in Greater Aarhus by Lara

Greater Aarhus by Lara LLamas Blanco


November 30th 2018

Lara came to Denmark from Spain during her studies. Six years later she is still here and living her dream life.

“And at the same time, I have to say that I also fell in love. And of cause both things together – it was basically the dream life.”
– Lara LLamas Blanco

She has a great career as a Solutions Architect at LEGO, and it’s important to her, that she easily can relate to the brand’s values. Furthermore, Lara could not imagine leaving the quality of life, which she thinks is unique for Denmark. The fact that it’s possible to balance a career and family life, and moreover having the opportunities to travel around the world, are some of the things that she emphasizes. Additionally, she values having talented colleagues and managers, who have help her develop her professional career.