My Life in Greater Aarhus by Angelo

Greater Aarhus by Angelo Agatino Nicolosi



October 11th 2018

Angelo Agatino Nicolosi from Italy is living his dream both personally and professionally in Greater Aarhus. He moved here 10 years ago to study computer science at Aarhus University. His research showed him, that the university was one of the best in the world for cryptography, which together with computer security was his areas of interest, “I came to Denmark because of the university. That was the main point,” says Angelo.

It is true that you have to work a bit more to get through that small, or thin, shield they have. But in general, what I’ve also experienced with Danish people is that once you pass that thin shield then they actually are your friends forever, basically,
– Angelo Agatino Nicolosi

Angelo explains how he has been offered interesting career opportunities with both Google in Zurich and Facebook in London, but the work environment in Denmark is so good that he doesn’t want to leave. Both professionally and personally Angelo really enjoys the Danish work culture where he experiences, that the company cares for the employees and that relationships with colleagues is important. “If you have a good idea, you don’t have to go through the hierarchical thing. You can actually just express your idea, and people actually listen to you,” explains Angelo.

After 10 years, Angelo is still living in Greater Aarhus together with his wife and kids. He explains how it’s possible to balance a career and family life with advantages such as free education, a welfare system, paid leave, health care system, minimal transport time between home and work, and much more.

After 7 years at Danske Bank as first a Chief Software Architect and then as Head of Software Engineering, he has now moved on the Bestseller as Head of Customer Circle. All the same time he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. If you ask Angelo, he has no doubts regarding his stay in Aarhus, and he would do it again 100 times!