My Life in Greater Aarhus by Alexandra

Greater Aarhus by Alexandra Cristina Alstanei


October 26th 2018

After seven years, Alexandra Cristina Alstanei is still living in Denmark. Initially, she came for her studies, but just before she graduated, she got a job at LEGO.

“LEGO is a company that really lives up to its values. Our values are not only formalities imposed by the management, but they are actually prove that we are supporting everyday a greater purpose”
– Alexandra Cristina Alstanei

The company famous for the LEGO bricks, and their toys are sold and played with all over the world. IT might not be anobvious part of LEGO’s operations, but IT plays a very important role in the entireorganization. According to Alexandra, LEGO understands the importance of having a good IT infrastructure- they strive to have good IT quality and systems.


This further means, that Alexandra as an IT professional gets to work with new technologies. As an Infrastructure Engineer it is important for her to be challenged and to be able to develop herself professionally. LEGO really gives her the opportunities to do so, by being early adopters and by looking into new development. It is further motivating Alexandra in her every day, that there is always something new for her to learn. And moreover, to her the knowledge sharing between her and her colleagues is extremely important.