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The purpose of Destination AARhus is to take care of the members’ interests by putting Greater Aarhus on the IT world map in order to be able to attract and retain global digital and IT talents for the benefit of the association members and to increase the number of IT-related jobs in the Aarhus region.

Destination AARhus was established in 2016 with a strong ambition of getting Greater Aarhus on the IT world map. The coalition is driven by a corporate initiative and the need for highly qualified competences. In Destination AARhus we believe that collaboration is key to secure future human resources within IT.

Why join Destination AARhus?

You should join Destination AARhus is you wish to play an active role in positioning the local IT business environment and thus your organization as an attractive career destination for IT professionals.

You should join Destination AARhus if you want to become part of an ambitious corporate-driven coalition that seeks to put Greater Aarhus on the IT world map in order to attract and retain IT talents now and in the future.

You should join Destination AARhus to become part of unique networks at multiple corporate levels where everyone has a saying and where IT challenges and opportunities are at the very core.

You should join Destination AARhus if you wish to offer your IT-employees high-quality tech-themed events where they can improve their technical skills and knowledge.

The Three Pillars

The uniqueness of Destination AARhus is that we build on three pillars in the efforts to position Greater Aarhus on the IT world map to attract and retain IT talents: Strong networks, the local IT environment, and talent attraction.


The scarcity of IT talents is a global problem and it can be quite hard to compete with American, Chinese or European exponentially growing tech-metropoles and areas like Silicon Valley. Thus, it can be difficult to find the silver bullet or golden nugget when it comes to becoming the preferred destination for IT talents to unleash their careers. However, with our parameter mix, we believe that we can get quite far in fulfilling the purpose of the association.

Strong Networks

Strong networks are the beating heart of Destination AARhus. In order to clarify and discuss the interests, pain points and potentials for our work among our members relating to our main purpose, we facilitate and gather networks at different organizational levels:

Executive Network


An exclusive network for IT Executives with a focus on leadership, business development, and digital transformation from a strategic perspective. The network is used for inspiration, knowledge sharing, and discussion on current and future professional challenges.

In short: a strategically focussed network for professional and personal relations.

HR Network


A network of like-minded HR/recruitment/ employer branding professionals facing the same challenges in attracting and retaining IT/tech candidates. This network is for sharing experiences, frustrations, and actions. We discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities where we together can approach, develop, and test new ideas.

In short: action-oriented knowledge sharing and collaboration.



A network of tech-savvy employees from each member company assisting in finding the most relevant, hot topics, the right speakers, and developing the format for our events. They know what buzzwords and trends the companies and tech professionals are interested in, so we can offer the most relevant events each year.

In short: a tech-focussed network for senior IT-profiles discussing current and future tech needs.


The local IT environment

Besides having a strong business environment with many career opportunities, we believe that a thriving and active local IT environment is an equally important part of the equation to position Greater Aarhus as an interesting environment for IT professionals to settle and stay in.



We organize several high-quality, hands-on IT events with a broad selection of featured topics. Annually we host 2-4 Workshops and 8-10 Meetups inviting international, national, and local experts to touch upon the most current and demanded topics within IT. We allocate much of our budget for events, so our members’ employees stay informed, educated, and inspired.

Knowledge sharing


As a part of our events, we engage the internal experts and specialists from our members and arrange knowledge sharing sessions across the companies. These events have led to new networks across teams and organizations, and they have furthermore inspired some organizations to take on new technologies and approaches as a result.

Local Engagement and Collaborations


To attract and retain IT professionals to/in Greater Aarhus, we believe it is key to have an attractive IT environment. We engage with existing local events and initiatives and collaborate with external partners to develop and attract more events to Greater Aarhus, such as the DevOpsDays conference, MIT Datathon, IoT Week, GOTO summits, and more.

Much of what Destination AARhus does have a more long-term return on investment, however, through our many annual events our members get a very direct and multifold return of investment of their membership fee from educating their IT employees via our high-quality events.

Jesper Boeg Agile meetup
Sam Newman workshop

Talent attraction

Destination AARhus aims to increase the IT talent pool both by attracting and retaining IT talents. So, with inputs from our members in the different network constellations and an improving narrative about the great local IT environment, we are introducing different employer place branding initiatives to increase the awareness towards the local IT-career opportunities among international and national IT talents.

International Hackathon

Together with a group of our members, we run a hackathon for IT students at a strategically selected international university. The hackathons focus on introducing innovative companies and increasing the awareness of career opportunities in Greater Aarhus.


With the TechBlog, we give interested candidates an even deeper insight into with the companies’ IT/tech teams are working on. We help position our members as tech companies with technology at their core. The main purpose is to develop an alternative communication channel for peer-to-peer exchange across teams, companies, and interested tech professionals.

Ambassador Team

The Ambassador Team is sharing their personal experiences of being an international, working with tech, and living in Greater Aarhus. Their stories are personal and thus trustworthy for interested international tech professionals, and their network increases the multiplier effect.

International Computer Science Students

We collaborate closely with The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University to attract top international Master’s Degree students and matching them with our member companies for student jobs and full-time positions as graduates. We build bridges between IT-students and the business environment. Depending on our members’ needs we are always looking to initiate collaborations with other technical and natural science programs.

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Our Members: Companies with a strong IT profile

Destination AARhus is a professional business network with a large community of leading companies in Greater Aarhus. Our member portfolio consists of locally-based and often internationally operating companies with a strong IT profile. Furthermore, to strengthen our efforts the coalition partner up with local authorities like Aarhus University, Aarhus Municipality, Central Denmark Region, and other stakeholders interested in strengthening the IT position of Greater Aarhus.


We strive for a closely connected coalition with the right members. And by “right members” we mean organizations who believe in our purpose and want to take an active part in what we do.


The daily operations are maintained by the secretariat located at Dokk1 in Aarhus. The strategic direction of Destination AARhus is directed by the Steering Committee, which is elected every year during the General Assembly. The Steering Committee representatives are elected from and by the Executive Network representatives. Current Steering Committee:

Dann Bleeker Pedersen

Dann Bleeker Pedersen




Claus Hovge Andersen

Head of Digital, Salling Group

Vice Chairman

Mads Højborg_Delegate feb 2019 30_ny-kopi

Mads Højborg

Director, Delegate

Vice Chairman

Claus Hjort Bjerre

Claus Hjort Bjerre

Development Director, Bankdata


Martin Stampe

Executive Vice President, Danske Bank

The Executive Network representatives


  • Claus Hjort Bjerre, Development Director, Bankdata
  • Dan Bleeker Pedersen, Head of IT, BESTSELLER
  • Ronny Lillenvald, CFO, Billund Airport
  • Martin Stampe, Executive Vice President, Danske Bank
  • Mads Højborg, Director, Delegate
  • Michael Stubbe, Vice President HR, Kamstrup
  • Sofie Mørch Ravn, Chief-HR Business Partner and CIO, Grundfos
  • Henrik Amsinck, CIO, The LEGO Group
  • Alan Jensen, CIO IT, Salling Group
  • Claus Hovge Andersen, Head of Digital, Salling Group
  • Søren Weeke, CIO, SOS International
  • Michael Holm, CEO and founder of Systematic
  • Søren Eskildsen, CCO, Trifork


  • Søren Poulsen, Special Consultant Computer Science, AU
  • Lise Uhre Pless, Forvaltningschef, Aarhus Kommune
  • Karen Elsgaard, Specialkonsulent, Region Midt
  • Marc Perera Christensen, Direktør, Erhverv Aarhus
  • Stinne Bille, Programleder, HEADSTART

A Destination AARhus membership

Annual subscription: 100.000 DKK

With the annual subscription fee of 100.000 DKK, you become a full member for a full year. The annual subscription fee is paid at the beginning of a calendar year. If you wish to subscribe as a member during the year, the membership subscription fee will be a proportionate fee for the remaining months of the year. A member can unsubscribe from Destination AARhus at any time.

Monthly subscription: 10.000 DKK

With the monthly subscription fee of 10.000 DKK, you become a full member. This monthly solution requires a minimum of 6 months commitment. After 6 months you can unsubscribe with a one-month notice. The monthly subscription can run indefinitely or be converted to an annual subscription if desired. So, if you wish to become a member of Destination AARhus without too much financial commitment, this is a great way to start.

If you want to know more about Destination AARhus in an informal chat or get insights into our upcoming activity plan or want to become a member, then please contact us by writing an email to or call +45 25 64 65 55