Jyske Bank – Taking Agile to the next level

Jyske Bank is the second-largest Danish-owned bank. Through the fusion of small local banks in the city of Silkeborg, Jyske Bank was founded in 1967. The name, ‘Jyske’ translates to ‘Jutland’ which defines its roots, however, today the bank covers all of Denmark. Jyske Bank employs more than 3.300 employees including 450 highly dedicated development employees.

Join the digitalization journey

The financial sector in Denmark is historically a frontrunner within digitalization. In the late ’90s, Denmark’s digital development started with eBanking, which later spread out into all businesses. Jyske Bank has therefore been digital for many years and is now entering the next level.


Jyske Bank is continuously looking for their next IT-talents to join the team. With or without a background within banking, the bank is welcoming all IT-professionals who are ready to contribute to their agile journey.

Digital development vs. Personal service 

Customers’ expectations are constantly changing and the world we live in is getting increasingly digital and connected. The future of banking still includes bank services. However, they will be digital and different from the ones we are used to.


The Agile Journey is pushing towards ”banking everywhere except in a bank”. However, for Jyske Bank, being close to its customers is key. Therefore, technical development must always support the costumers’ needs and wants, whilst ensuring the personal service, Jyske Bank is known for. An exciting challenge, the currently employed IT-specialists juggle every day.

Space to grow and learn

Jyske Bank aims to be a place where employees can develop their skills. Their development squads are built to ensure, that employees are empowered to make their own decisions. A central role in the organization is the Chapter Lead – a role dedicated to ensuring growth and development within each field and speciality. Helping employees learn new technical and leadership skills.


Jyske Bank’s membership with Destination AARhus provides employees with exclusive, thought-provoking, challenging, and insightful webinars and workshops for IT-employees. Again, proving that Jyske Bank is a company where the growth of IT-professionals is a high priority.

Meet the Team

Mads Norlyk

Meet Mads, Chapter Lead for UX Design
“I have been working at Jyske Bank for almost four years. Over the last three, I have established the UX design department. For me, as a design leader, it is a privilege to be working with more than ten skilled designers internally at Jyske Bank with a great diversity in skillsets, ages, and gender. We recently did a re-organizing to create autonomous squads (instead of teams) and place even more responsibility on the people working with the specific services. We are expecting a lot from this change. The three things I enjoy most about working at Jyske Bank are:

  • that asking “why” in projects is encouraged even from top-management and you have a voice no matter where you are on the ladder
  • that I find it very purposeful to be working on digital services that people use in their everyday lives
  • that Jyske Bank is a very social working place”

Meet Jette, Scrum Master and Chapter Lead for IT developers
“Even though I have been at Jyske Bank for 14 years, it doesn’t feel like I have had the same job for 14 years. I came into a new position or a new business area every two or three years and I have always been able to find a new challenge. Now I work with automation of our loan processes and with our recent reorganization the so-called “Chapter Lead” was introduced as a new role. As the Chapter Lead, I got the chance to work with personal development and it is exciting to be part of implementing a stronger focus on competences. One of the things I like about my job is that the people that are going to use our solutions are our colleagues. You develop the business that you are part of through your products. Moreover, I have great colleagues who are not only good at their jobs but also enthusiastic about it. We have a strong sense of community and there is always someone willing to help you”

Jette Kjær Neumann