International students

We believe in building bridges between motivated international IT-students and local companies.

During the two years, where students are enrolled in the Computer Science Master-programor theComputer Engineering Master-program at Aarhus University, Destination AARhus host events for the international ITstudents, with the purpose of creating professional and social networks, and to help young professionals unleash their future IT-career in Greater Aarhus. 

Talent Fellowship

As part of the national Talent Fellowship collaboration, we offer an early graduate program, during which international IT-students kickstart their career while studying. All the collaborating companies in Talent Fellowship are companies that provide innovative solutions to current tech issues. They take responsibility by developing knowledge and investing in tech-talents for the industry.


Talent Fellowship helps international IT-students to access large networks to kickstart their careers in tech. Working in the industry while studying will offer an opportunity to improve different skills in a practical setting and develop a priceless network to nurture any future careers. 


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From speed-networking events with companies looking for a student worker to a game- and pizza night, we make sure, international students have a community around them, which supports them both socially and professionally.

Why you matter to us

  • Your skills are highly in demand among companies in Greater Aarhus
  • You bring skills and energy to the work environment
  • Internationals create a dynamic and diverse work environment
  • As a student worker, you create value





Are you studying for a Master’s in Computer Science or Computer Engineering at Aarhus University? Apply to our early graduate program; Talent Fellowship here

Why we matter to you

  • If you choose to study at Aarhus University, we have a dedicated team ready to help you prepare and find your way into one of the most digital and tech-savvy job markets in the world with leading companies.
  • We are the direct link between you and a student job/internship/project collaboration
  • The business network of large companies represents many different industries. Hence, you will expand your professional network and add new relationships, such as employers, directors, managers, experts, seniors, students, etc.
  • Your professional value increases with practical experience – you boost your employability while a student job enables you to apply theory into practice
  • You can participate in tech-events together with like-minded professionals

Career events

We host exclusive career events, where we introduce international students looking for a part-time job, internship or full-time employment after graduation to representatives from our member companies.

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Social events

We host different social events, where we simply have a good time, and you get to hang out with your co-students across years and the Destination AARhus Ambassadors from our member companies.

Explore our student-job vacancies and apply now to start your career adventures in Greater Aarhus, Denmark.

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