International Experiences – John’s Story


This is the story told by John Seizinger, who is Dutch but has moved to Greater Aarhus in Denmark. In John’s story he narrates about why he moved to Denmark, and which differences and similarities he experiences between Danes and Dutch people. Moreover, John shares how he experiences the Danish work environment.

Less Crowded and Work-Life-Balance

Hi, my name is John Seizinger and I’m a Product Engineer at Grundfos. I’m from the Netherlands and this is my story about living and working in Denmark.


I came to Denmark because I fell in love with a Danish girl. We met in Aalborg in Denmark when I was there with the Dutch Navy. Initially, she went to live in the Netherlands with me but after I left the navy we decided to move to Denmark.


Today, we live on the Danish west coast near Lemvig, which is a nice and quiet place compared to the Netherlands. I have visited Aarhus many times, and I think it looks similar to a big city in the Netherlands.

Kids playin the snow
Local summer party

From my experience the Danish and Dutch culture and humor are quite similar, and I don’t see many differences. In regards to food the differences I experience is that Dutch food is more culturally diverse and spicy whereas Danish food is more traditional. Moreover, I also find that Dutch people are a bit more straight forward with work and business, where Dutch people like to go in a straight line and afterwards socialize over drink coffee and chat.


What really matters in the Danish work environment is the work-life-balance, which I had to adjust to. When you come from working on average 60-80 hours a week to 37 hours a week (which is a normal Danish work week) you need to find something to do in your spare time. Luckily, there is much to do here. Additionally, there are also more free days in Denmark and it is nice to spend this extra time with family and friends.