Grundfos AM Lab

Grundfos’ Digital Transformation 

Grundfos a global leader in advanced pump solutions. The organization is furthermore a trendsetter within water technology. Thus, they feel especially obligated to deliver pioneering technologies that contribute to global sustainability, which improves life quality for people.


Every day, Grundfos’ energy efficient pumps provide comfort, deliver drinking water, remove wastewater, or help farmers water their crops all over the world. Additionally, they drive a digital transformation in their business. Hence, the organization introduces top shelve, state-of-the-art technological solutions in their products and production. Just to mention some of their expertise.

A Digital Front Runner

As a global leader, the organization sets the trend within their work areas. They keep raising the bar when it comes to energy efficiency and protecting the environment. Furthermore, Grundfos is introducing smart and reliable solutions.


The organization wants to set the pace in the digital development of their industry. They are continuously improving their products, for instance by exploring digital opportunities. Here, the organization merges their top-class hardware with high-tech IT-resources and know-how, to create intelligent solutions that improve life for people and make business easier for their customers.


Grundfos is present all over the world. They pride in staying connected with their colleagues and customers across borders, time-zones and cultures, both face to face and by employing virtual collaboration tools for keeping in touch.

IT Jobs at Grundfos

Being responsible, thinking ahead, and innovating is Grundfos’ promise to society and their customers. However, living up to this promise while accelerating their digital transformation requires highly skilled IT professionals.


Sustainability is a top priority, and perhaps you can help the organization use technology and knowledge to make a difference. The organization needs qualified IT professionals, who are ready to put their energy and skills into confronting the water and energy challenges that the world is facing.


On an ongoing basis, the organization is looking for IT professionals to cover job vacancies within many different IT areas. Furthermore, they are also looking for interns and student workers as software developers.


Find the current vacant IT jobs at Grundfos by following the link below.

Grundfos Accelerator 

Grundfos Accelerator is a newly established initiative for ambitious students to collaborate with the organization on relevant digital/technology related to academic challenges. Students joining the Accelerator get a unique chance to bring their academic skills into a universe of advanced digital pump solutions.


The organization has created a lab where teams of students can write their Master’s thesis with support from the organization. They help you with data, context, financial support, and a cool office environment to carry out your research.