My Life in Greater Aarhus by Gabriel

Greater Aarhus by Gabriel Garcia



October 5th 2018

Gabriel Garcia moved to Denmark with his wife and daughter for a job at LEGO. His friend tipped him off about an opportunity within the product management area, and now the family has settled in Billund.

“I work now as a product manager but my area is to explore the robotics process automation but I can also see my colleagues are also working with cool stuff like cloud computing, big data, or mobile development. So, there is a big space for us to be close to the cool stuff and also to provide a value to the organization in this way,”
Gabriel Garcia

As a Product Manager on robotic process automation at LEGO, Gabriel experiences a work environment where decision making is not only for the leaders, thus the IT professionals can influence and discuss relevant work with the costumer. According to Gabriel, this brings the work closer to action.

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