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Webinar: Shift Left, Do Right; A practical take on getting test automation built into your sprints



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Shift Left, Do Right; A practical take on getting test automation built into your sprints


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have rescheduled this event and made it online.

Test automation and agile development goes together like alchemy and Nicolas Flamel – can’t mention one without the other.


However, the fact of the matter is that most businesses struggle to get test automation into their sprints; let alone getting tests into their sprints.


In many cases, you end up with small waterfalls, where the test becomes a bottleneck at the end of the sprint, or even is placed outside the sprint.


The ûber alchemist of Testhuset, Helge Nymand, has emulated Nicolas Flamel and found the philosopher’s stone; building a test framework to fight off many of the challenges everyone struggles with:


  • Utilizing the various competencies in the team
  • Uniting ‘the three amigos’; testers, developers and business
  • Getting the test in early in the sprint
  • Automation
  • Communing with Continuous Integration/Deployment/Delivery/*whatever*
  • Writing in a language formulated as the accept criteria

In other words, TestHuset looks into igniting the whole thing; optimizing the process and thereby ensure the focus is on making the right product in the right quality.


TestHuset open the door to the alchemist cave; showing and telling you which ingredients their concept is made of.


They basically give you the formula and explain how they test both the functional as well as the non-functional requirements, without having to use expensive, conventional software products.


On the contrary, they use the Cloud and containers to create a practical and simple solution on test automation. Thereby, they form a sensible division of the test work between man and machine, which, among others, creates these advantages:


  • Greater professional focus for the testers
  • Communication about quality in the team; not just a bug report
  • Scalability, fast test execution and quick feedback


It’s a solution that doesn’t put great demands on neither testers nor developers, but rather increases the cooperation of the entire team, to the benefit of everyone, including the project.

Target Audience

The focus is to increase the cooperation of the entire team working with test automation and agile development, which includes testers, developers and the business oriented people in these teams.

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About Helge Sune Nymand, TestHuset A/S

Helge Sune Nymand is technical QA strategist at the Innovation & Technology department in TestHuset. Here, he transforms the customers’ test work from a practice that finds faults at the end of the process, to creating quality through communication and focus on the right solution for the task from the get-go.


Helge advises on and teaches practical aspects of QA in complex technological landscapes. He implements technical solutions, manages process changes, and seizes the opportunity to get his hands on the keypad, whenever the technique needs to be adapted to reality.


Helge has worked professionally with testing and QA for the past 17 years in such diverse industries as finance, insurance, pension, defense, transportation, health, environment, travel, human rights, media and entertainment. He is a passionate soul, who manages to gather his experiences from everything he engages in and loves to share them with others.


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